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043: Taylor McCarthy & Grant Cardone

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On Power Players Grant speaks with massive entrepreneurs and businesspeople that are making changes in their industries and dominating their space.

This week Grant is speaking with Taylor McCarthy, a 25-year old with information and ammo that will put you in power—he is a cold call pro. A Solar City regional manager from Boston, Massachusetts and lived out of a suitcase for his first few years of grinding.

At 22-years old he was the #1 Sales Rep in the entire United States for Verizon/Comcast.

He was brought up in a small town and at a very young age he was worried about money. At 13 his parents divorced and he was raised with his father who didn’t have much money, even though he worked constantly. Everything his father made he put towards his children. His father also taught him discipline, waking him up every day at 5 AM to be the first caddy to the golf course.

Having absolute belief and certainty in your thoughts leads to your judgment and emotion, which lead to action. And with door-to-door, your job is 90% mental. Without an absolute belief in yourself, you cannot dominate.

Taylor sees today, with his interview on Power Players, as one of the most important day of his life, and not just for himself, but also for the people who have helped him get to where he is today.

At the age of 18 he has a golf scholarship to go to college. His father encouraged him to take the path furthering his formal education, but Taylor made the decision to make sales his life and career. He has now been doing door-to-door for 7 years and has made over $1-million in sales.

Tune in to the show or podcast to catch the rest of his amazing story and get some insight into how you can improve your sales.

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