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PTRN Special Replays Featuring Rt Rev Windy Lajoie: Fridays are Correllian Night on PTRN

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First Show: Witch School Live! with Ed The Pagan and Guest Rt Rev Windy Lajoie from 8/2009

Witch School Live!

Today's guest in Windy Lajoie, one of the earliest members of Witch School, and is one of the crucial people we share our lives with. Her duties are numerous and her heart is large. Find out more about windy with another Look at the everyday world of Wicca, with the Witch School Staff, who teach a anyone, anytime, anywhere magickal education.

Second show from 5/2015 The Debut of Meet The Elders

Lady Windy Lajoie for ~Meet The Elders~   The first guests in this monthly show will be: Lord Donald Lewis, Lord Eblis and Lady Stephanie Neal.

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