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What On Earth Is Happening #179

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Date: 2014-12-20
Topics: Order Followers as the Creators of the Dark New World Order, The Lie Of The "Moral" Order-Follower, Justification for Order-Following, Emotional Mind Control in Relatives of Order-Followers, Dark Occultists are the Masters of Order-Followers and their institutions, ALL Order-Followers are BAD PEOPLE, ONLY a Non-Order-Follower CAN be a Truly Good Person, Moral Judgement and the Exercise of Conscience, the Inability to get Angry at Injustice is a sign of Mental Illness and being broken to accept Slavery, Natural Law Consequences, the Fundamentally Flawed Axiom of the creation of Police Forces, the Fundamentally Flawed Axiom of abdicating your Personal Responsibility to defend yourself to ANYONE else, Police Forces as Barriers to the Understanding of Natural Law, Nazis and Nazi-Lovers, How Nazis and Communists took America, Mentally sick Police Officers and their supporters mocking the murder of Eric Garner by T-shirt slogans, the Destruction of the Family Dynamic by driving a wedge between the Sexes, the need for the Moral Education of the Young, Firearms in America as one of the only reasons to have any hope for a Free future.
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