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275: It's Difficult When You’re a Billionaire: Changed minds, old ears, giving in to Swift, and whether Elon Musk is a net positive.

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People can change their minds, and that's okay. Right, old Marco?
Your logical fallacy is...

How old are your ears?
Some Analog(ue) #132 follow-out
Cortex #69: Minimum Viable

Tesla and Elon Musk
Grimes, Elon's girlfriend
Top Gear kerfuffle
Elon announces "Pravda"
United Automobile Workers
Who would buy Tesla?
Wheel Bearings #68: Quirky Subarus & Driver Monitors

Jaaaaaaaaag-you-are I-Pace

Marco is dabbling with Swift (‼️)
WWDC 2015 #408 – Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift

Is it important to learn vim or emacs? (via Aaron Robeson)

Is it paranoid to avoid Google? (via Luther Richardson)
Upgrade #194: Game of Jenga with Drivers

What lenses should one get for a Sony α6500? (via Peter Johnson)
Casey's M4/3 Prime
Casey's M4/3 Zoom

Post-show Neutral: Marco drove something ridiculous

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