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#71 DAILY DR. ERIN - THE SECRET TO GREAT RELATIONSHIPS: We talk about dating, marriage, business, friendships, etc.

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#71 DAILY DR. ERIN - THE SECRET TO GREAT RELATIONSHIPS   Podcast: DAILY DR. ERIN -   Get your FREE 30 Guided Meditations and Daily Inspiration:   FREE App:   Watch weekly Interviews:   Get your FREE Manifesting Masterclass with purchase of book:   Join us on Facebook:   Join the Community:   Subscribe and Give Love:   30 FREE Guided Meditations:   Stay Connected:   Text me:   Let’s do Business:   DAILY INSPIRATION: A dear friend of mine’s Mother is transitioning and he says the most difficult thing about the entire thing is witnessing his father’s heartbreak. All of life is designed for our experience of a deeper love. Universal law has two destinations in it’s use, divided or divine. Discord or harmony. Love is the only truth. To be someone’s best friend is to be in sink, to be in alignment, to jive, to work. The opposite of dysfunction is to work. Let go of expectations, making the other person wrong, criticizing, manipulating, etc. Communication Style, Values, Chemistry, Etc.   DAILY UNIVERSAL LAW: Today we align with The Law of Love. This law is the internal mechanism of life that guides all things to order, harmony and Love. If the creative process is inverted to create chaos, harm or disorder this law will bound its effects. Love is the expression and expansion of Spirit (Your Higher Self) through desire in terms of creation, through you as you. All of life is designed to awaken the Self to greater love.   DAILY SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: Practice being your own best friend first.   DAILY CHALLENGE: Do something for a friend that you would want someone to do for you.   LIVE YOUR TRUTH,  DR. ERIN   Doctor of Divinity New Thought Leader Best-Selling Author 2016 Global Peace Award Mother & Lover of Life!  

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