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#87 THE POWER OF HABIT | DAILY DR. ERIN: Learn the secret behind the Law of Attraction

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#87 THE POWER OF HABIT | DAILY DR. ERIN   Podcast: DAILY DR. ERIN -   Get your FREE 30 Guided Meditations and Daily Inspiration:   FREE App:   Watch weekly Interviews:   Get your FREE Manifesting Masterclass with purchase of book:   Join us on Facebook:   Join the Community:   Subscribe and Give Love:   30 FREE Guided Meditations:   Stay Connected:   Text me:   Let’s do Business:   DAILY INSPIRATION: I remember when I first did a 40 day challenge. Eventually my book came out of the process years later. Both Science and Religion have advocated the concept of habits, aka discipline. According to Dr. Maxwell Malz (1960), the famous surgeon who noticed how long it took for his patients to get used to seeing themselves after an amputation, it is at least 21 days to form a new habit. Phillippa Lally (2009) conducted a study in which she found that i took anywhere from 18-254 days to create a new habit. Based on multiple research studies, it appears it can take between two to eight months. The bible speaks of 40 days. Knowing the truth vs. living the truth.  The point is whatever you seek to attract through the law of attraction you must embody.   DAILY UNIVERSAL LAW: Today we align with The Law of Attraction or Resonance. This Universal mechanism is best described by the axiom, you attract and repel that which you are. This law is the culmination of all the Universal Laws and describes how you manifest and demonstrate through physical embodiment.  Life sets into motion by the magnetic frequency of your soul which is created from your beliefs, the actualization of who you are, and the actions you take.   DAILY SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: Practice, Practice, Practice.   DAILY CHALLENGE: Pick one thing you want to develop a habit around and get an accountability partner.   LIVE YOUR TRUTH, DR. ERIN   Doctor of Divinity TV Host New Thought Leader Best-Selling Author 2016 Global Peace Award Mother & Lover of Life!  

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