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Episode 149--The Mountain Top--You And Me Baby Ain't Nothin But Mammals: Co-Host Steve Stewart-Williams (

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What can you expect from a show co-hosted by a man who wrote The Ape That Understood The Universe? Evolutionary psychology professor and author Steve Stewart-Williams asks, 'What would an alien visitor make of the mating rituals of humans compared to every other species on Earth?' Do human males compete for the attention of females in the same way other creatures do? How does a man get to choose the mate he really wants? Find out the real reason why men tend to want more sexual partners than women do. Has modern birth control and STD prevention caused women to become more promiscuous? Next, get the last work on 'peacocking' from a purely scientific perspective. We talk about why it's good to be a human man instead of a bird, how a heightened sense of reality affects human sexuality, whether or not monogamy is a social construct, and whether or not it's possible to be in love with multiple women. Speaking of love, do animals feel it? How do they process sexual attraction differently? What's up with the unique alliance between mankind and dogs? And how come humans don't always do it 'doggy style'? And why DO we change positions so much, anyway? You'll hear Steve's frank opinions on sex differences, his evolutionary argument for jealousy...and why swingers enjoy 'the lifestyle' anyway. Why are human's the only altruistic, charitable species? Add it all up, and this isn't your father's Discovery Channel. Get the show notes, tons of free stuff and talk to me free for 25 minutes...all at: === HELP US SEND THE MESSAGE TO GREAT MEN EVERYWHERE === We'll keep the solid, actionable content coming...all for free. If you love what you hear, please give us a 'thumbs up' by rating the show (takes one second) and leaving us a review. As we say here in Texas, we appreciate you!

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