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5 Ways To Grow Your Location Independent Business With Natalie Sisson: Discipline And Constraints Create More Freedom

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How can Natalie Sisson help you grow your location independent business (so it earns you enough money to travel)? Is it possible that having constraints can create more freedom? Tune in today as my favorite Kiwi and Freedomist, Natalie Sisson returns to give you 5 tips to create location independent income. Check out her new book, The Freedom Plan and access her free course to "Learn How to Build Your Online Business so You Can Work Less, Earn Multiple Revenue Streams and Live Your Dream Lifestyle." These tips will help you think about how you can design your life and your business into something that works with your travel lifestyle (or the travel lifestyle you want). Learn how you can be a digital nomad and live on the road or have a home base and travel whenever you want. You'll Learn: How to create your perfect day. Why it can actually be cheaper to travel full time. One way to monetize your knowledge. A really good strategy to automate your business. Ways to save you time and help you make money. Why freedom is always about choice. And so much more! Resources: Tortuga Backpacks. Aeropress. The Freedom Plan- Redesign Your Business To Earn More, Work Less And Be Free. Natalie Sission. Settling With The Nomad Spirit + The Beauty in Ugly. Natalie's Business Plan Template. Xero. 2018 Guide To Cheap Flights + How To Travel When You Work Full Time. Location Indie. Location Indie Podcast. Want more Zero To Travel podcasts? Head over to the archives now! Featured image courtesy of @nataliesisson

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