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Surviving Dystopia Preparedness Series ep 2: Our personal preparedness skills

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Today we talk about the ways that we can take our personal preparedness seriously. From food storage to dealing with stress the way we prepare ourselves could mean the difference between life and death.

We will discuss not only food storage and gardening but with these comes skills we all need to know. These are our skills - learn something, watch a video, get a book, search the internet, or take a class. Expand this and you increase your survivability. along with skills comes the knowledge, being aware of things and the real possiblilites helps you prepare in other ways,

Physical preparedness includes stamina, medical issues, and habits. Can you carry your pack if you had to? A very real question I ask is can you do more than hoist it onto your back? getting your physical needs in line are crucial to thriving in a SHTF situation.

and finally, the Mental aspects of preparedness. Are you the one so fearful you will be immobile? Can you deal with what might come or will apathy take over and you succumb to depression? Being menatlly prepared for a disaster is nearly as important as being physically prepared.

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