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Episode 193: A Giant Thunderstorm: On corpus linguistics, with Carissa Hessick.

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Fast on the heels of her last appearance, Carissa Hessick joins us to talk about corpus linguistics, which means... well, we debate this, but, generally, the use of computer-based methods to draw inferences from large databases of texts. What is this enterprise? How can and should it be used to answer legal questions? What does it mean to mean something? These questions, thunder, sense, nonsense, and a continued delving into Joe's pscyhe all feature in this episode.
Carissa Hessick’s faculty profile ( and writing (
Carissa Byrne Hessick, Corpus Linguistics and the Criminal Law (
Lawrence Solum, Legal Theory Lexicon: Corpus Linguistics (
James Phillips, Daniel Ortner, and Thomas Lee, Corpus Linguistics and Original Public Meaning: A New Tool to Make Originalism More Empirical (
Special Guest: Carissa Hessick.

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