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How alternate realities help you grow with parapsychologst Stanley Krippner: How alternate realities help you grow with parapsychologist Stanley Krippner

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Just take a moment and ask yourself, “does my life seem gripped by an
assembly line of chores which, as the years go on, create an undertow of
sameness?” When you look back and curate your life story, how many
exceptional experiences have you had? In western culture it’s not okay to
embrace the things that don’t fit neatly into acceptable boxes, we’re meant
only to be distracted and addicted with the things that fuel our
capitalistic machine. But that’s not the way it is around the world. For
some it’s more unusual not to have had out-of-body experiences, not to have
communed with the dead, not to completely lose your identity. It’s
experiences like those that add dimensionality, texture and deeper
understanding to our lives. They can be sprung from the deep recesses of
our brains, whether we’re asleep or whether we participate in rituals that
release them.  

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