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Vol 317 - Jul 9, 2009 - Insecurity, Lush & Lively & more: Writer/Composer Mickey Zetts and performers Paula…

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Writer/Composer Mickey Zetts and performers Paula Galloway & Carlos R. Fernandez (also known as The Icky House Club) talk about their new musical, INSECURITY! THE RECESSION PROOF MUSICAL (Produced by Oberon Theatre Ensemble) and perform two numbers for the show. Susan Rankus stops by to talk about the Midtown International Theatre Festival's 10th Anniversary this year! (July 14-Aug 2). She discusses several of the shows involved in the festival, so get ready for a lot of shows! Dan Fortune introduces a new regular segment for Broadway Bullet... LUSH & LIVELY! Every episode he'll bring you surprising covers and takes on theatre tunes. This week, an unexpected MY FAIR LADY Double-Play. Dan Fortune also hosts a live Lush & Lively event he DJs the last Friday of every month at New World Stages. Find out more at The KNF Co is a new company dedicated to finding a new way to produce commercial theatre Off-Off-Broadway. Producers Katherine Heberling, Kelly Haydon and Tzipora Kaplan stop by to talk about this and their new production, BIRD HOUSE playing from July 10-26. Marty Cooper is back ON THE POSITIVE SIDE as he discusses some big upcoming productions for next year's Broadway Season! Tenement Street Workshop is throwing a benefit on July 11th. Artistic Directors John MacDonald ( and Nicholas Bonnar ( stop by to discuss the goals of their young company. If you would like to get involved, you can email one of them. Tickets for the benefit are available at We play a song from the newly released cast Album for PINKALICIOUS out on Sh-k-boom.

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