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Episode 202 - The Terrorists are Winning: Manchester Arena Bombing London Attack Notre Dame Attack...

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Manchester Arena Bombing London Attack Notre Dame Attack Theresa May calls for internet regulation Melbourn siege is being treated as a “Terrorist Incident” Congressman declares holy war against Islamic terrorism Trump administration has asked SCOTUS to lift the stay on travel ban Trump announced a US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord But he can’t… Businesses and local governments will still honor it Trump plans to lift birth control mandate Trump siphoned son's charity money that should have went to kids with cancer Mike Pence doesn’t get why liberals care about climate change Denmark lifts blasphemy law Trinity Broadcasting forced to pay $2M to founder's granddaughter for sexual assault Kentucky Governor want’s prayer warriors patrolling the streets North Carolina woman led 30 fellow church members in beating the gay demons out of a member FEEDBACK @jccford via Twitter Shane via email Eugene via email Sean via email Charles via email NEW PATRON Revan This episode is brought to you by: Dark Matter Sponsor - >US$35.00 * Travis Megee Nuclear Sponsor - US$20.00 - US$35.00 per month * Russ from the Kitsap Atheists & Agnostics * Darryl Goossen Platinum Sponsor - US$8.00 - US$19.00 per month * Michael Gold Sponsor - US$4.00 - US$7.00 per month * Rachel * Mark * Nate * Willow * Alice * Alfred * Henry * Alex * Jaded Zappa * LaTonya * Mike * Renee Davis-Pelt * The Flying Skeptic * Grant * Alan Bronze Sponsor - < US$4.00 per month * George * Duncan * Al * Frank * Heather * Archway Hosting provides full featured web hosting for a fraction of the cost of traditional shared hosting. You get all the benefits of shared hosting, without the sticker shock or extra fees. Check them out at You can find us online at, follow us on Twitter @AtheistNomads, like us on Facebook, email us at, and leave us a voicemail message at (541) 203-0666. Theme music is provided by Sturdy Fred. DOWNLOAD EPISODE

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