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EPISODE558 - EMC2 AIM Program of Energetic Balancing: EPISODE558 - EMC2 AIM Program of Energetic Balancing

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Discussions of energetic imbalances may reference certain frequencies an imbalance may be similar to. A frequency is NOT the actual disease; Newly revealed imbalances added to the AIM database; Reminder that there are targeted "anti-aging" frequencies in the AIM database, plus self-healing each Hereditary imbalance contributes to our efforts; As we heal imbalances, we are healing emotional imbalances, too, which in turn, likely raises our consciousness level somewhat. And if raising consciousness is an intention we have for ourselves, then we will also more fully utilize the enhancing frequencies on AIM and raise it even more; Health tips are posted on the home page of We shared our mutual enthusiasm for the latest addition to our fitness efforts, the Simply Fit Board, and the importance of patience and consistency in any fitness endeavor

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