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The Complexity of North Korea: Richard Haas, a foreign policy expert, has said on many occasions that the Trump administration has the most difficult inbox in recent memory. Today, we discuss the escalating tensions in North Korea.

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Today, we're discussing the most difficult problem facing the Trump administration: what to do about North Korea.  SPONSOR:  Aaptiv What do you get when an app that Sarah is obsessed with becomes a sponsor of the show? Aaptiv - a fitness app that provides audio workouts guided by a trainer synched with the perfect playlist and fully customizable by workout type, machine, duration, and intensity. Aaptiv is are offering our listeners a free 30 day trial. Go to, sign up for a monthly subscription, and enter promo code PANTSUIT. CREDO • Whenever you use a CREDO product or service, you generate critical donations for progressive causes and vital activism work – at no extra cost to you. If you want a better world for all of us, AND a better way to stay connected to it, you want CREDO mobile. Go to CREDOMobile.COM/pantsuit and get 2 smartphones FREE plus 50% off unlimited talk and text.   Leave us a review on iTunes by clicking here! Subscribe to Episodes: iTunes |  Subscribe to our weekly email and get a free Pantsuit Primer audiobook! Follow Us: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Show Notes First, in the Pearls, we discuss a new law repealing an Obama-era rule on funding for Planned Parenthood. Sarah recommends this documentary on abortion. We also talk about the Trump administration's decision not to make White House visitor logs public. For our compliments to the other side, Sarah compliments Republican governors in blue states (Massachusetts, Vermont, Maryland), who tend to be enormously popular and effective. Beth was impressed by a profile of Governor Dannell Malloy of Connecticut.  In The Suit, we discuss North Korea. We recorded this episode prior to North Korea's failed missile test, but the question remains--how should the Trump administration respond to North Korea's weapons program? So far, the Trump administration has talked tough on North Korea. It's clear that President Trump is learning on the job with respect to North Korea, and some commentators worry that praise of his military action in Syria will move him toward a more aggressive stance. Context on North Korea matters greatly-- what's the regime thinking? What role does cyberwarfare play? And what are the ramifications for our relationship with China?  In the Heels, Sarah discussed a blog post from Jen Hatmaker that caused quite a stir on our Facebook page, and Beth talked about her obsession with NPR's podcast How I Built This.   

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