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Trump blasts Dems as they step up investigations beyond Russia; Dems raise red flags as Barr's nomination advances; Wash Post Op-Ed: Ralph Northam must resign

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Pelosi responds to attacks: "he's a projector" ; Trump lashes out: Dems going "nuts" with investigations; Source: Schiff hires former national security council aides; Now: House Dems hold hearing on presidential tax returns; Swalwell: believe witnesses lied to congress to protect Trump;Acting AG won't testify unless Dems drop subpoena threat; Attorney General Nominee Barr won't commit to publicly releasing Mueller report; Negotiators: Border funding deal must be reached by tomorrow; Sen. Shelby: Trump is being reasonable about funding talks; Mulvaney: Trump can legally executive authority on wall; Can top three VA Dems stay in office despite controversies?; Long list of politicians refused to resign amid controversy; Kennedy, Clinton, Sanford, Vitter all defied calls to resign; Can top three VA Dems stay in office despite controversies?; Humanitarian crisis worsens as Maduro refuses to leave; Maduro blocks desperately needed aid from entering; via Knit

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