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Jeff Sessions is out. Is Robert Mueller next?

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Zack, Jenn, and Alex break down the implications of President Donald Trump firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, both for the Russia investigation and for the rule of law. On Elsewhere, they discuss how the Democratic takeover of the House could result in some much-needed scrutiny over America’s role in Saudi Arabia’s vicious war in Yemen. Zack says most dictators are men, Jenn points out that women can also be power-hungry queens, and Alex explains that House Democrats are Democrats … in the House. Mueller Investigation 101 A little more information about Sessions’s confirmation hearings. More on the history of the Trump-Sessions feud. As Zack said, the president reportedly screamed at Sessions. Trump actually called Sessions “Mr. Magoo.” And Jenn mentioned several Trump tweets about Sessions. As Alex claimed, Trump wanted to fire Sessions even before midterm elections results were in. Jenn mentioned Matt Whitaker’s “Mueller lynch mob” tweet. More on what the investigation revealed about Paul Manafort. Here’s the interview in which Matt Whitaker suggested reducing funding for the Mueller investigation. A deeper look at what degradation of democracy looks like in other countries. Whitaker spoke often with Trump and seemingly lobbied for Sessions’s job. Here’s a Vox video to get you up to speed on the Yemen war, and an article about war crimes in Yemen. A bipartisan group of senators tried — and failed — to stop American involvement in the Yemen war earlier this year. Alex spoke with House Democrats about their plans for Yemen in the next Congress. There may be legislation voted on at the end of the month to end US support for the Yemen war. We played a short clip from Trump’s conversation with Axios about Yemen, but here’s the longer version. 

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