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Interview with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on American involvement with Venezuela and negotiations over North Korean denuclearization; Interview with Preet Bharara and Lisa Monaco on Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation; State of the Cartooni

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First, Jake interviews Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about the Trump administration's plans to handle the political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela as well as next steps to achieve North Korean denuclearization. Next, Jake talks about the latest from the Special Counsel's investigation with former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara, and Lisa Monaco, who served as counsel and chief of staff for Robert Mueller at the FBI. Then, Jake sits down with Mike Rogers, Jen Psaki, David Urban and Symone Sanders about Trump's wild week ahead and Bernie Sanders' second campaign for President. In this week's State of the Cartoonion, Jake imagines what Sean Spicer's responsibilities might be in his new role as a correspondent for Extra! via Knit

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