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A Marriage of Convenience: A Cinderella Romance

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She was out for vengeance but ended up falling in love...
Left at the altar by the man she was supposed to marry, Emily West was ruined and she was unjustly banished from polite society. Vowing to get her own revenge on those who had hurt her because she had no one to protect her, Emily decided that she would marry no one but one of the most powerful men in England-the Duke of Ivory. The thing was, Emily had never met him before and when she finally did met him, she realized that he was just as handsome as the devil. He was also rude.

She was out for vengeance but ended up falling in love...
Nicholas needed to get married within two weeks but then, he set eyes on Emily West, the red-haired beauty popularly known as 'The Red Jewel of West'. He wanted her from the moment he had set eyes on her and since she wouldn't be his mistress, he decided that marrying her would solve his problems.

This is a story of two desperate people who needed to marry for one reason or the other and having a marriage of convenience seemed to be their option. Falling in love was never their plan and when they both realized that their agreement stood in their own feelings, the two had to fight for each other.

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