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MSM-93-The_Show_Name_in_140_Characters_or_Less_-_-_-_or_Your_Money_Back: Shawn & Troy talk about an Advisory idea, classroom management, free flow charts, on-line teaching and more.

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* KD9SR Participating in DEN Virtual Conference (Discovery Educator Network) #DEN
* JohnMikulski Blog Post: Intro to Podcasting for Teachers
* willrich45 "For U.S. college students, Internet technologies have become so ubiquitous as to seem invisible." What about educators?
* willrich45 EduCon 2.2 -- Call For Conversations and Registration" Don't Forget to submit proposals by Nov 1!!!
* MrsPendergest Ghosts and Legends is an extension of with this (Local History)
* cfanch Key Curriculum Press is having a good sale on books for $7.50. We're stocking up!
* math2go Instructional coaching:
* rmbyrne Free Technology for Teachers: Week In Review - The Most Popular Items
* cshirky --hope-this-works (hackintoshing my HP Mini...)
* paulallison Favorite thing that Ted Sizer used to say: "You should be able to have dinner with the people who set standards for your children."
* tonitones Apple: we can find engineers - but we can't find engineers who will work in a group #adecamp09
* tonitones is the mindset in your school built around a culture of creativity and a strive for innovation? #adecamp09
* NMSANMSAnews Start your conference experience now. Join NMSA09 Conference Connections
* schoolwise NCLB cheats gifted kids says Agree? Me, too.

What's My Line? Cartoon Edition:
Take the cartoon, erase the text and let students then create text to fit a scene. It doesn't have to relate
On Our Mind:
One of the biggest classroom management mistakes teachers make is that they take disrespectful behavior personally.
Create easy flow charts (for Free):

Google Apps for Education Lesson Plans:

Museum Virtual Box:
This site provides the tools for you to build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box.

The CU On-line Handbook:
So while online is not a cure-all or “magic bullet”, it does have the potential to revolutionize how we think about, and deliver education.
Stress, Control, and the Deprofessionalizing of Teaching:
Twitter Lessons in 140 Characters or Less
By Kathleen Kennedy Manzo

Nearly half of Dallas 5th-graders not ready for middle school
As Dallas schools focus on getting all students ready for college, they face a daunting challenge uncovered by a new district tracking system: Almost half of fifth-graders are not even ready for middle school.
To be considered ready for middle school, fifth-graders had to pass the state TAKS exams in reading, math and science, and could not fail more than one core academic class, according to the district's formula.
"You don't just get on the college track in high school. You're really on the college track well before that," Dahlander said.

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