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Father Figures: Ep. 44: This week on Unorthodox, a celebration of Jewish dads

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This week, Unorthodox jumpstarts the Father’s Day festivities with a special episode—because is there any figure more overlooked and misunderstood than the Jewish father? Liel talks to Tablet’s Gabe Sanders about archetypal father figures, starting with the biblical Abraham, and how their own identities changed when they became fathers. Stephanie sits down with Unorthodox regular Marjorie Ingall to break down the problematic aspects of Father’s Day, as well as the tough rap Jewish dads get—and how that’s wrapped up in the Jewish mother stereotype. Mark sits down with his dad, Tim Oppenheimer, who opens up about everything from his father’s many marriages and divorces to his own depression after his youngest child left for college.  This episode of Unorthodox is brought to you by Harry’s. Stop overpaying for a great shave. Go to and enter the code UNORTHODOX at checkout for $5 off your first order. We love to hear from you! Email us at Sign up for our weekly newsletter at more about your ad choices. Visit

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