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NEED CAPITAL? How To Fund Your Own Investment Deals | Episode 97: Want to fund some big investments of your own?  Want to use Other People’s Money to do it… in a totally win-win manner?  There’s an absolute OCEAN OF CAPITAL available in today’s market that’s hidden in plain...

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Want to fund some big investments of your own?  Want to use Other People’s Money to do it… in a totally win-win manner?  There’s an absolute OCEAN OF CAPITAL available in today’s market that’s hidden in plain view.  I’m Bryan Ellis, and I’ll tell you how to find and access that capital to fund your own investment opportunities… RIGHT NOW in Episode #97------Ahh yes, you know… this is just a beautiful, beautiful thing. Hello, my friends… the coveted members of SDI Nation!  Welcome to another exciting excursion into Investment Excellence!Quickly… the next Passive Property Flipping Summit – where I invite a small group of qualified investors to meet me and my team, and to learn how they can PASSIVELY profit from our highly lucrative real estate flipping operation… well, that’s coming up VERY soon… and it’s almost full.  As in, 90%.  If you’ve got at least $75,000 in liquid capital and would like to learn more, stop by right now.  Again,, my friends…  Basically every episode of this show has been targeted to the person who has investment capital, who wants to invest in Simple, Safe and STRONG investment opportunities, and who may have some general ideas about how to deploy that capital.  But most of you don’t have extremely SPECIFIC ideas about how to invest your capital.  Maybe you like the idea of real estate or private lending, and you know you’d like to go in that direction.  Or many of you know what you DON’T like – the uncertainty of the stock market – and you simply want to replace that option with something that makes more sense.But there’s another group of you listening to this podcast who are a little different, and today I’d like to speak to you.  You also have investment capital… and you have some very specific ideas about the types of investments you’d like to complete.  You probably also have some experience as an investor or investment operator in the asset class that you’re targeting.  You may even have a specific piece of real estate you’d like to acquire… or a specific business you’d like to fund… but there’s one problem:While you DO have investment capital… you don’t have ENOUGH capital.And today, my friends, I’m going to teach you how to solve that problem.  I’m going to show you where there’s an OCEAN of capital just waiting to be tapped… and solve your investment funding needs forever.What I’m about to tell you is very real and absolutely can work for you.  But there’ an assumption that I’m going to make before I tell you the process:You absolutely MUST have a REAL investment opportunity that makes real sense.  It must be explainable.  It must show respect for the value of the capital your investors will choose to risk with you.  And you really better deliver to them a strong return on investment.In other words – You’ve got to remember the core value of Self-Directed Investors, which is to Respect Your Own Capital…  but you’ve got to respect the capital you’re using EVEN MORE when that capital does not belong to you.  It’s a solemn, serious thing to accept money from other investors.So don’t take this lightly, or use what I’m about to teach you to promote some half-cocked, ill-conceived investment.  You won’t get a chance to fix the reputation you’ll destroy if you’re not deeply, profoundly respectful of the capital provided to you by your clients.So, what to do?Well, today’s market is AWASH in liquid capital.  I sat on panel last night at a Real Estate Investor Association meeting where we addressed the topic of how to find funding for real estate transaction… and while each of the panel members had slightly different ideas about how to access that OCEAN of available capital, we all agreed on one thing:  There’s a LOT of it out there, waiting to be deployed.So here are 3 things to understand to find all of the money you will ever need:First, understand that there are tens of billions of dollars, RIGHT NOW, sitting in self-directed retirement accounts.  You know… self-directed IR

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