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EPISODE7 - The Lovecraft Geek: EPISODE7 - The Lovecraft Geek

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When a cold, indifferent and uncaring universe of forces beyond your capacity for comprehension tosses you lemons, it's already too late. This podcast's questions may help hasten you on your journey. Various works of Poe appear in elementary and high school literature texts. Which work(s) of Lovecraft do you think would be suitable or most likely to appear in school text books? A listener says: It was a real treat to be on the Lovecraft Geek and I liked the answer.... The movie that became my introduction to Lovecraftian storytelling was, surprisingly, Ghostbusters. I was disappointed that the sequel film abandoned the initial movie's form of universe building. What are your thoughts on Ghostbusters as a gateway Lovecraft introduction? Of the chaosium fiction compilations, is there one that you are most proud of? If you could adapt any Lovecraft story into a feature film, which story, which director, and who plays the lead?

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