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[INSPIRE 39] JOSEPH EMET - HOW TO USE MINDFULNESS FOR SUCCESS, HAPPINESS & GREATER INNER PEACE | Spirituality | Self-Help: Learn the Secrets to Easily Using Mindfulness to Improve Your Life & Bring Greater Peace & Happiness from Zen Master Joseph Emet, Dharma Teacher Trained by Thich Nhat Hanh, the Father of Mindfulness. Spirituality | Inspiration | Meditation | Self-Help

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If you’ve ever wondered why mindfulness is so popular, what it really is, and how it can help your life, then today’s show is for you.
We interview Dr. Joseph Emet, Zen Master and Mindfulness Dharma Teacher extra-ordinaire, and student of Thich Nhat Hanh, the internationally acclaimed best-selling author and founder of the Mindfulness movement.
You’ll learn:

What Mindfulness Is and Is Not
How to Apply Mindfulness in Every Day Life
Easiest Ways to Be Mindful
Easiest Ways to Meditate
How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Life
And much, much, more

Dr. Joseph Emet is the founder of The Mindfulness Meditative Center in Montreal Canada and is a Zen Master trained with Thich Nhat Hanh and has a phD from Boston University.
He calls the journey we’re on one from brainfulness to mindfulness, from self-control to self-regulation, from indifference to compassion.
Other Show Topics Include:

Brainful vs. mindful
Watching our human nature – biases
Rats vs. flowers
Indoors vs. Outdoors
Brain Envy
Early morning
Dealing with thoughts
The breath
Positive rumination
Practice songs
Songs for personal growth power

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