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[INSPIRE 92] LYNNE MCTAGGART - DISCOVER YOUR POWER & THE SCIENCE WHICH PROVES EVERYTHING YOU THINK & DO MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!: Discover the Science & How To’s Behind Using The Field, Consciousness, Energy & Cooperation to Cultivate a Better You, a Better Us & a Better World! Lynne McTaggart from What the Bleep | Law of Attraction | The Secret | Spirituality | Health | Self-Help

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Did you ever feel that the world is falling apart,…….and the old paradigm of the dog-eat-dog world just isn’t cutting it for you anymore…..and that the concept of the survival of the fittest, and get mine before you get yours just doesn’t make any sense anymore???
Well, if so, then as Dorothy once said, Toto we’re not in Kansas anymore, and do we have a paradigm-busting show for you!
Today we’ll be talking with an amazing best-selling author and investigator, Lynne McTaggart. Her seminal work, The Field, has helped us look at the science and redefine how we see the world, and what it’s really made of. And her latest book, The Bond, gives us an understanding and the tools we need to apply this information to make a true difference not only in our own lives, but in the lives of all those around us.
And that to me, is where the rubber meets the road. For I don’t see a future where it’s us against them, you against me, or a competition for scarcity of resources, but instead it’s a world where we bring each other up, and by helping each other, help ourselves to become the best you you can be and how together we can succeed like we could never do on our own.
So today we’ll talk about The Bond, about a better way to work and live, a radical approach that the rest of the universe has adopted since the beginning of time, and whose time has finally come for us as a species. This means greater happiness, fulfillment, and far more enrichment for your entire life. And a much better world, for ALL of us.
In short, we’ll be talking about a radical shift, one from it’s all about me, to it’s all about we! Plus we’ll look at self-talk, affirmations, Microsoft, Google, and even how smart water really is!
Questions and Topics Include:

What does OJ Simpson have to do with Consciousness?
How Random Event Generators (REG) help prove a group mind.
What cowboys and Indians have to do with consciousness and a group mind?
How we can affect our computers with our moods.
How we can help heal cancer with healing intentions
How AIDS patients were helped if not healed through prayer
How we are leaky buckets of energy and light, and how we are all transmitting light.
How changing the internal conversation about people changes how they interact with you.
How generosity changes everything.
Why this is no longer an I win, you lose world.
Why we were born to connect
How we are hard-wired to give
How an act of kindness has a massive ripple or domino affect
Why Harvard studies show happiness is contagious down the social network
How to create a virus of goodwill (business, home, office and everywhere!)
What Jack Canfield discovered when looking at Microsoft vs. Google and how goodwill is more profitable!
Why competition in the classroom is a bad idea
How to move past I win you lose, to I win, you win.
The importance of soft drinks, donuts, and random acts of kindness
Why We Affirmations are much more powerful than I Affirmations and why we need to tweak what we learned from the Law of Attraction and The Secret.
Why Thinking We makes I do better
Why native tribes survived the East-asian Tsunami that killed 250,000.
The importance of learning how to notice much more detail
A short exercise to be more present.
How we can share our dreams – and the science behind it!
What Orland Bishop is doing in Watts California to bring gang-members together!
How to work with factions or opposing interests better
How to communicate better with someone you don’t agree with
The importance of listening hard to what someone else believes.
Why bonded couples have such power to beam out positivity to the world
The importance of taking every moment of a mindful experiences.
What’s the free restaurant where everyone gives?
Why giving is so much better for us
What acts of altruism do for us.
The importance of playing big
Why we can’t just be spiritual seekers but must be spiritual activists.

Discover the Science & How To’s Behind Using The Field, Consciousness, Energy & Cooperation to Cult

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