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HOW TO LOVE THE LIFE YOU HAVE!!! Roger Housden | Health | Career | Inspiration | Motivation | Spiritual | Self-Help | Inspire: Roger Housden on How to Drop The Struggle & Set Yourself Free to Love Your Life! Health | Inspiration | Motivation | Spiritual | Spirituality | Meditation | Mindfulness | Inspirational | Motivational | Career | Self-Improvement | Self-Help | Inspire

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If you’ve ever grown tired of the pushing, struggling or striving, whether to survive or get ahead, the do we have the Dropping the Struggle show for you.  Today I’ll be talking with Roger Housden, acclaimed teacher and author of 22 books, including the best-selling Ten Poems series and his latest Dropping the Struggle. And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about how to fully accept and love the life that you have. That plus we’ll talk about Chinese teacups, spiritual materialism, Rocco and Athena, Poonja and Nanagaru, and what in the world two iranians in baggy suits have to do with anything. Loving Your Life Self-Improvement & Self-Help Topics Include: What happened to him in 1998? What happened to all of his journals? What synchronicity and intelligence of the universe has to do with anything Why there’s no such thing as a failure What is surrender? What can we learn from Rick Hanson and what happened to him at 16 Why we struggled with meaning and purpose early in his life What it means for each moment to be fulfilling and fulfilled What is trust Why we get to drop who we think we are What happened in 2009 when he was in Iran What happened with possible espionage, double-espionage, and 007??? What it means to get lost for your greater good How do we drop the struggle with time? – writing class in Grenada Spain next year ‘writing your way home’. Roger Housden on How to Drop The Struggle & Set Yourself Free to Love the Life You Have! Health | Inspiration | Motivation | Mindfulness | Spiritual | Spirituality | Meditation | Inspirational | Motivational | Career | Self-Improvement | Self-Help | Inspire For More Info Visit:

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