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Ep. 0180: A Tale of Two Shilohs (w/Chris Calton): CJ & Chris Calton of the Historical Controversies podcast tag-team an episode telling 2 firsthand accounts of the Battle of Shiloh.

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This episode is a tag-team collaboration with Chris Calton, host of the Historical Controversies podcast, which is published by the Mises Institute.Join Chris & CJ as they tell the story of the Battle of Shiloh as experienced by Henry Stanley (a young Confederate soldier) and John Cockerill (a young Union soldier.)(This episode is a crossover episode with Historical Controversies season 3 episode 53.)Support the Dangerous History Podcast via Patreon, SubscribeStar, or Bitbacker.The Dangerous History Podcast's Amazon Affiliate link.CJ’s DHP Amazon Wish ListOther ways to support the showThe Dangerous History Podcast is a member of the Recorded History Podcast Network, the Dark Myths Podcast Collective &’s podcast roster.External LinksHistorical ControversiesCJ’s Picks (Amazon Affiliate Links)Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men: A History of the American Civil War, 2nd EditionUpon the Altar of the Nation: A Moral History of the Civil WarLiving Hell: The Dark Side of the Civil WarBattle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War EraLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

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