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067: Your Mid-Semester Law School To-Do List: Falling behind in law school? Time to get it together before it's too late!

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Welcome back to the Law School Toolbox podcast. Today we're running through your mid-semester to-do list to ensure you're where you need to be before it's too late. Mid-semester is the time when reality sets in for most law students. Whatever is going on - midterms, sniffles, boredom - it's time to focus on the end goal and get serious about preparation. Here's what you need to be doing, now. In this episode we discuss: How you should handle the next 7-8 weeks The importance of deep work in the second half of the semester Setting up your study calendar Getting ready for finals Ways of tracking your time if you're not sure how it's slipping away Searching for a summer job as a 1L (you can start Dec. 1) Avoiding distractions and battling procrastination How to do a self check-in Where to go for help Stress management techniques and staying healthy How to manage your personal relationships, especially around the holidays and exams If you enjoy the podcast, we'd love a nice review and/or rating on iTunes. And feel free to reach out to us directly. You can always reach us via the contact form on the Law School Toolbox website ( Thanks for listening! Good luck the rest of the semester! Alison & Lee Resources: Having an October Freakout? Of Course You Are! ( The October Freakout ( Your Mid-Semester Reality Check ( How to Make a Useful Law School Outline ( Dealing With Self-Sabotaging Behavior in Law School ( Fast, Healthy and Cheap Meals in Law School ( Toggl (

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