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Hard Factor 5/9: Bill Barr Held In Contempt of Congress, More Big Dicked Heroes Coming From School Shootings, Alcohol Consumption On The Rise Worldwide, Lightening Round

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The House Judiciary Committee voted on Wednesday to hold Attorney General Bill Barr in “contempt of congress” because of his choices to first skip his second day of scheduled hearings, where the D's celebrated by eating fried chicken, and then claiming executive privilege as the basis to not turn over the full un-redacted Mueller Report to the committee.Alcohol consumption is on the rise, and if you spent any time in the Hard Factor studio you would see that this is VERY true.  Surprisingly Europe is slightly down, and so is New Zealand.  Asia as a continent is way up and India is leading the charge, up 38%!!We have another hero on our hands.  Kendrick Castillo, who charged the micro-penised shooter at STEM School in CO, gave his life trying to save his fellow classmates.  This is the second time in recent shootings that a student has given their life by rushing the piece of shit who was dead set on killing innocent people.  These guys are heroes, thank you for your service!!!Brought to you by Radio Offers --> Enter promo code: HARDFACTOR 

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