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Toxicity and Clearing Up Detox Confusion with Dr. Ann Shippy: Symptoms of Toxicity and How to Detox Safely

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Dr. Ann Shippy was a chemical engineer when she became extremely sick and couldn't get the help she needed from healthcare providers. She shares her hero's journey with toxicity and how she became a functional medicine doctor and healed her body. Listen as she explains common symptoms of toxicity, the best ways to test for toxins, and the foods you should be including in your diet to support detoxification. We're exposed to toxins on an everyday basis, and that toxicity can lead to issues like weight gain and autoimmune disease. It's crucial to detox the right way to take back your health!   Key Takeaways: [:48] Dr. Ann Shippy’s career briefing [2:41] How did Dr. Shippy become interested in toxicity? [5:07] In medical school, doctors aren’t trained on the dangers of ongoing toxicity and how environmental toxins can build up in your body, causing issues like autoimmune disorders. [7:11] What are the symptoms of toxicity? [9.40] What are the problems with juice cleanses? [10:20] When you’re detoxifying, you should feel better, not worse. [11:34 What are the top sources of toxins in everyday life? [12:35] What are the best ways to test for toxicity? If you don’t have access to a functional medicine doctor, these are some basic tests that can be done: GGT, ALT, and AST. [13:27] If you have access to a functional medicine doctor, you can do heavy metal testing, as well as tests that measure pesticides, solvents, and even things like glyphosate in your body. [15:30] What are some things you can do to help detoxify your body? Eating foods that support your detoxification systems like onions and garlic, spices like turmeric and other herbs, cruciferous vegetables, and clean protein, as well as liposomal glutathione supplements. [19:20] Check that your cooking materials don´t have lead in them. [20:03] Avoid aluminum in your deodorant. [21.18] Get Dr. Shippy’s free detox quickstart guide on JJ’s website. [22:02] There are 21 billion pounds of toxic chemicals released a year into our air, land, and water. 4.5 billion pounds are known carcinogens. [27:55] Your breakfast sets the pace for your entire day -- start your day right with JJ’s shakes! [28:26] Listener’s question: What are the top foods JJ thinks everyone should be eating?, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, avocado, squash, wild salmon and other sources of clean, lean protein, as well as herbs and spices, including curcumin, turmeric, ginger, and more. [31:43] Eat seasonal, local, and organic foods.   Mentioned in this episode: Facebook: JJVirginofficial  

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