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The Dangers of Hidden Toxicity with Dr. Jill Carnahan: How a High Toxic Burden Can Trigger Weight Gain & Chronic Health

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Functional medicine expert Dr. Jill Carnahan joins JJ in today's podcast episode to reveal how a high toxic burden could be preventing you from losing weight and harming your health! Listen as Dr. Carnahan shares her personal struggle with toxicity and the most common sources of toxins in today's world, as well as how the accumulation of toxins can lead to weight gain and chronic health issues. Dr. Carnahan also explains the top symptoms of toxicity and how to tell if toxins are a problem for you. Plus, find out how to reduce your toxic load and boost detoxification, including the diet, lifestyle, and supplement tips that you can easily incorporate into your routine!    Freebies From Today’s Episode Get Dr. Jill Carnahan’s free Tips to Reduce Your Toxic Load by going to   Main Points From Today’s Episode An accumulation of toxins can overload your body's ability to get rid of toxins in a timely manner. That high toxic load plays a role in many chronic issues, including weight gain, cancer, neurodegenerative conditions, and autoimmune disease. The principle behind fat-soluble toxins triggering weight gain is: dilution is the solution to pollution. That means if your body is toxic, it will naturally try to dilute that toxic load by creating more fat cells to diminish the toxic effect. When it comes to reducing your toxic load, Dr. Carnahan has a simple, yet effective strategy regarding intake: clean air, clean water, and clean food. 80% of our toxic load is from the air supply, which is why it’s important to get air filters in your home and workplace.   Episode Play-By-Play [1:31] Dr. Jill Carnahan’s career briefing [3:21] Listener shout-out [5:03] How Dr. Carnahan became an expert in functional medicine [5:57] Dr. Carnahan’s personal experience with breast cancer [7:44] Sources of toxins in today’s world [8:37] A high toxic load can impair your body’s ability to detoxify effectively. [9:30] Symptoms of toxicity  [11:50] The importance of not overwhelming your detoxification pathways [12:32] Tests that can help determine if your toxic load is high [14:15] How toxicity can lead to weight gain [16:04] Why you need to detox before losing fat [16:58] How to reduce your toxic load [17:30] Sweating is one of the best ways to release fat-soluble toxins. [17:37] The most effective binders [18:33] Glutathione is a powerful detoxifier. [18:55] Clean air, clean water, and clean food can make a big difference. [19:52] Why you should avoid plastic water bottles [20:55] How to tell if mold is an issue for you [25:01] Why it’s crucial to be aware of your environment [27:20] Find out how to lose fat fast and forever with the Sugar Impact Diet! [27:59] Listener’s question: “I’m thinking of doing a detox. Is this something good to do?”   Mentioned in this episode: Dr. Jill Carnahan's blog JJ Virgin Extra Fiber Sunlighten Sauna Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal Sugar Impact Diet Become part of JJ’s community JJ Virgin Official Facebook page JJ Virgin on Instagram JJ Virgin on YouTube

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