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Fan Mail Friday #28 | Stop Aiming Below Your Dating League

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Welcome to Fan Mail Friday #28! No jibber-jabber, just a short show where we answer Art of Charm listener mail and give out mini-lessons for the weekend!
In this episode:

If the pervasive drunken collegiate environment isn't offering any appealing friend/date prospects in your new town, you're probably playing below your league. Aim higher by considering these options you probably didn't realize you have.
How does someone who's partially blind make up for the non-verbal communication cues they're missing out on when engaged in conversation?
How do you screen for a potential partner who's as interested in improving themselves as much as you are without wasting too much time on those who aren't?
Breaking the romantic connection with a casual partner who you still value as a friend can be rough if they're not getting the hint. Sometimes you just have to go beyond hints and directly address the situation.
How does someone with a conservative mindset toward physical intimacy date in a world where casual sex is often accepted as part of the deal? What's the best way to find others who are more in tune with taking things slow?

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Stay Charming!

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