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EP018: The Critical Role of a Father with Larry Hagner: Tips for becoming the best dad you can be.

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Our kids pick up on everything we do. They notice how we treat ourselves, how we treat each other and how we treat them. If you take care of yourself physically and mentally, they are more than likely to mimic you and understand the importance of self-care. If they observe you being a good spouse, they will appreciate how they should be treated when it’s their turn to be a spouse. So, put away your phone, sit down with your children and ask them well thought-out open-ended questions they can answer with spirit.
This week’s guest, Larry Hagner of the Good Dad Project, guides us through his journey and shares the important lessons he has learned by trying to be the father his kids deserve.
Key Takeaways:
[4:33] Unbeatable Mind – It’s all about perception
[9:43] Are you going to be my Dad?
[15:58] Confronting the past can lead to a beneficial future
[21:00] Practicing personal growth tactics to become a better father
[23:30] Analyzing the statistics
[26:09] The cool thing about fathering a daughter
[27:27] The Dad’s Edge is written specifically for men
[28:28] Lessons children can teach us about unplugging
[34:03] Health and nutrition are paramount
[39:23] Learn something new every day to help you be a better parent
[45:54] The Dad’s Edge is written for individuals
[48:11] The quality of your life depends on the quality of your questions
[49:52] Learning nutrition from Shawn Stevenson
[55:45] The Lightning Round!
[59:15] Wait, is Shawn on this podcast too?
[1:03:37] Larry would not do a Fit2Fat2Fit experience
[1:05:28] The new Fit2Fat2Fit TV show will air in January 19, 2016
[1:08:05] Contact Larry Hagner
Dollar Workout Club
The Dad’s Edge
The Good Dad Project
Mark Divine
The Model Health Show

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