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EP024: Bloodwork is a Roadmap to Your Body’s Nutritional Demands: Weight loss is a bi-product of a healthy lifestyle.

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Alex and Geoff from last Tuesday’s Fit to Fat to Fit episode are our guests on today’s show. Bloodwork was an integral part of the episode and Geoff says his levels scared him into wanting to clean up his body. Both Alex and Geoff, felt the challenges on a physical as well as an emotion level. Their transformations were captured for us to share and learn from. Geoff has since kept the weight off for 5 months, which is exceptional. The beach scene is where it all started and has left a scar on both trainer and client.
Catch the next Fit to Fat to Fit on A&E next Tuesday at 10 pm.
Key Takeaways:
[3:47] Your body is just a small percentage of who you are
[6:55] The first workout together was an emotional experience for Geoff
[8:25] The beach scene provided an eye-opening experience on the importance of nutrition
[10:53] There was value in having Alex do the Fit to Fat to Fit journey also
[13:35] The blood test scared me into cleaning up my body
[18:42] Healthy living is not about having a 6-pack and being slim
[20:16] Depression set in as Alex gained weight
[27:22] Keeping the weight off for 5 months was more impressive than the weight loss iteself
[30:00] It’s still hard to look in the mirror
[34:25] Preparing yourself mentally for losing weight is important
[41:40] How to get around in our processed food world by using a flexible diet 
[45:28] Training is not about calories in and calories out
[48:00] A great trainer gets their client to a point where the trainer is not needed anymore
[48:42] The Lightning Round
[56:11] Contact Alex and Geoff on social media
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Pro Diet Solutions
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