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EP161: How Sleep Can Make You a Model of Good Health: Science shows a good night’s sleep is essential to boost physical and mental performance.

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Most people know that proper health and nutrition is vital for a long, healthy life. But, in spite of this awareness most humans are strung out, and sleep-deprived. Drew’s good friend, Sean Stevenson is breaking the pattern and spreading the word about the importance of sleep in his internationally bestselling book, Sleep Smarter. During this episode, the Host of the top health and fitness podcast, The Model Health Show shares his tips and techniques for allowing the body to get the rest it needs. The right amount of sleep allows muscles to recover after a workout, increases mental cognition, and reduces the risk of disease.   If you like the podcast subscribe & review it on iTunes | Stitcher.   Key Takeaways:   [9:35] Shawn knew he was meant for something special and meditation allowed him to step into it.   [19:29] Why kids need strong role models and to have something to aspire to. [22:50] The cool sciency stuff Shawn wonders why more people aren’t talking about.   [31:46] The science of sleep and melatonin resistance. [39:00] How Shawn manages stress and stays motivated as a successful entrepreneur. [45:58] Shawn finds fulfillment in his life through growth.   Sponsors: Complete Wellness Supplements — Shop for Drew’s Hand-formulated Powdered Greens, Probiotics, and now Keto Boost with Cordyceps and Beet Root Powder Dry Farm Wines — Use this link for a bottle of wine for $.01 with any order Dollar Workout Club   Mentioned in This Episode: The Model Health Show Sleep Smarter, by Shawn Stevenson @ShawnModel on Twitter Fit2Fat2Fit Watch this episode of Fit2Fat2Fit on Youtube Fit2Fat2Fit on A&E Fit2Fat2Fit on Facebook Fit2Fat2Fit Book Drew on Social Media: @fit2fat2fit Email Drew:

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