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Inhabiting Executive Presence: A three-step process for creating new behaviors

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Getting to the next level of executive presence usually demands the adoption of new behaviors. This month's episode explores a three-step process that helps new behaviors become habits. Helping you change behavior so you can be perceived the way you want to be perceived is the raison d'être of this podcast. If it's time for you develop more effective behaviors, there is an entire category in “The Look & Sound of Leadership" archive that will accelerate your development. The archive is at: The category, "Developing New Behavior" is at: Five favorite episodes in that category are: Act “As If” Creating New Behaviors How Behaviors Change The Many Parts of You When Learning Makes Things Worse The episode called "Creating New Behaviors" has a PDF that goes along with it. If you'd like it, just ask. I'd love to send it you. Pop me an email at:

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