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26 June 2018 | Tesla Employee Tweets About Production Rates, Italy Wants To Be An EV Hotspot and Outlander PHEV Review: Tesla Employee Tweets About Production Rates | Another Tesla Interior Update | Mad Max Mode For Autopilot Lane Change | Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Review: A Strong Case For Hybrids | First 350kW Charger Opens In Germany | Italy Aims To Pass Norway As Europ

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Well good morning, good afternoon and good evening, wherever you are in the world, hello and welcome to the Monday 25th June edition of EV News Daily. It’s Martyn Lee here with the news you need to know about electric cars and the move towards sustainable transport.   TESLA EMPLOYEE TWEETS ABOUT PRODUCTION RATES Elon Musk tweets about Tesla's production rates, the challenges, the successes. Dave from accounts does NOT. Linda from HR does NOT. John from the Gigafactory does NOT. Except, John Totah did exactly that yesterday. John Totah is the Lead Material Flow for Model 3 at Gigafactory 1 and a Twitter account using his name, so we're assuming it is really him, make some bold claims before they were swiftly deleted. John said: "Our original goal was 2,500/wk and we didn't hit it. Now we just hit 5,000/wk throughput in June. Insanely hard work by @Tesla team." If you didn't know that’s exactly the kind of language and tweet we would get from Elon. You know, the CEO. One of a handful of people on the planet who can comment publicly on Tesla. And not just because they're being precious but because the Q2 production and deliveries, whether batteries or completed cars, is potentially the most important announcement in the history of the company. This is the last week of the quarter. On the bright side that's a doubling in two months so understandably he's proud. He even had time to send a follow up, before he found the delete button: "We want to sustain over 5k/wk since current capacity of the lines are built for a max 6k/wk. It was incredibly difficult to hit 2500 in March. We revised many processes and built new systems that worked better. Incredible work and brain power." As you may have heard before on the podcast, when I was talking about the production lines heading from Tesla Grohmann Engineering in Germany to Nevada, to fix one of the four zones, that was when Elon replied directly to me to confirm it. Super exciting, so we knew they had a shutdown to speed up Gigafactory. And once JB Straubel was tasked with sorting out Zone 4 at Giga, and it would amazing new if true before batteries were a bottleneck at one point. He wasn't clear on his tweet whether the throughput was specifically about his area of responsibility, or overall Model 3 production rates at Giga. And remember none of this means Freemont is on target for 5,000 Model 3's week. The twitter account has now been protected. The news was reported on Reddit, Electrek etc, so I feel it can be reported on.   ANOTHER TESLA INTERIOR UPDATE InternetDude: "So I finally got my 2018 Tesla Model S P100D. I ordered it with cream interior but it was supposed to have figured ash dark wood. Tesla made a production change just about 10 days after I ordered and changed almost all of the aluminium accents to dark graphite colour instead. They also changed to the wood to a natural oak decor finish, more like the Model 3."   MAD MAX MODE FOR AUTOPILOT LANE CHANGE Elon has tweeted a picture of the centre display with the car running in 'development mode'. Within Feature Settings you can now enable Mad Max mode in the 'Blind Spot Threshold'. He also joked: "We considered going beyond Mad Max to “LA Freeway” level, but that’s too loco". It follows his retweeting of an old post from 2017 from a twitter user which photoshopped a Tesla Semi into a Mad Max type future. The current options you can see in Dev Mode are Standard, Aggressive and Mad Max. He also talked about how a self-driving car is programmed to yield in the event of a conflict: "It’s a tough call. Reality is that it will be pretty easy to bully a self-driving car, as it will always yield. Will prob have a manual override that requires continuous press for hardcore lane changes." Surely this will be part of Version 9 software coming this Autumn with self-driving features. So whereas currently you initiate a lane change with the blinker, it's your call to ensure the road is clear, this is a hint towards more autonomy. The

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