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15 August 2018 | $35k Tesla Model 3 A ‘Primary Focus’, Porsche Breaks Lap Records With PHEV and Radical Expanding EV Hits Kickstarter: Babies In Prams Exposed To 60% More Pollution | Porsche Breaks Lap Record On Six Circuits With PHEV | Base Model 3 Still A Priority For Tesla, AWD Could Be An Option | Dongfeng Motor Green Plan Includes 20 Electrified Models By 2022 | iEV X Expanding Elec

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Can YOU help me spread the word about how awesome electric cars are? Click ?   Read today’s show notes on   Well good morning, good afternoon and good evening, wherever you are in the world, hello and welcome to the Wednesday 15th August edition of EV News Daily. It’s Martyn Lee here with the news you need to know about electric cars and the move towards sustainable transport.   I want to say a heartfelt thank you to the 59 patrons of this podcast whose generosity means I get to produce this show for free, which aims to entertain and inform thousands of listeners every day about a brighter future.   WHY MAKE THIS PODCAST? STORIES LIKE THIS... Babies and young children in prams can be exposed to up to 60% more pollution than adults, a study suggests. Experts said infants were exposed to dirtier air in prams because they were lower to the ground and closer to exhaust pipes." reports the BBC: "They are also more at risk from the health dangers of dirty air because their bodies are small and developing. The study's authors said avoiding busy roads and using pram covers were ways to reduce pollution exposure. Because pollution levels are greater within 1m of ground level, these infants are being exposed to up to 60% more fine particle air pollution than adults, the evidence indicates. Prof Prashant Kumar: "When you also consider how vulnerable they are because of their tissues, immune systems, and brain development at this early stage of their life, it is extremely worrying that they are being exposed to these dangerous levels of pollution."   PORSCHE BREAKS LAP RECORD ON SIX CIRCUITS WITH PHEV The Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, it's a plug in, and it has been on a tour of FIA-approved circuit to break lap records, according to new video clips showing up on YouTube. Specs first up then, the plug in hybrid can cost up to $199k for the Executive model, and it's the second most powerful car in the Porsche lineup. First of all the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, then Sakhir in Bahrain is shown. So I'm expecting more clips for the four remaining circuits. It's interesting that Porsche want to do this. Is their reputation under threat from the new Tesla roadster. Even from a Model 3 Performance 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds? Great news they're repositioning EVs for the petrol-heads who don't get it yet. With the Porsche Taycan they're defending years of brand building as one of THE fastest car makers in the world.   BASE MODEL 3 STILL A PRIORITY FOR TESLA, AWD COULD BE AN OPTION So many critics will bet you'll never see a Model 3 at $35k - the same people who said Tesla would never make a profit, would never make more than 1,000 Model 3's a week, never even make a Model 3! Elon was back on Twitter to reply to a question specifically about the new Roadster: "Production design will be better, especially in details. We are dying to do this, but primary focus must remain on making affordable version of Model 3 & bringing Y to market.” The last guidance from Elon was at the shareholder meeting, and InsideEVs kindly have a transcription online: "We will definitely offer a $35,000 version of the Model 3. And probably at the end of this year is when we will be able to make a smaller version of the battery pack, and get into volume production of $35,000 version in Q1 next year. We would definitely honor that obligation, and we would do so right now if it were possible." But for those with an itchy finger on the mouse, if you're in the design studio and MUST upgrade, Tesla confirmed the $35k standard range battery model would come with dual motor. Musk was replying to Fred Lambert on Twitter, and Fred reminded us today of something from the Q2 Earning Call: “We came up with a new design that achieves the same outcome, that’s actually lighter, better, cheaper and we will be introducing that around the end of this year – probably reach volume production on that

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