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100A-Knights of the Round Table: Buddy System: Yvain and Gawain go on a road trip (i.e. forced exile)

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Yvain and Gawain are just two best friends taking a fun trip together. Nevermind that they've been exiled from Camelot forever, making it a mandatory best friends vacation. It sparks the beginning of a yearlong quest filled with morbid church decorations, dragon diets consisting solely of puppies, and sad, creepy knights. Basically your standard Arthurian legend. The creature of the week is a fearsome critter who loves your scent...especially if that scent is rum... Sponsors: Hiring? Go where everyone already is! Check out and get a $50 credit toward your first job post. Music: "Blue Highway" by Podington Bear "Ice Pack" by Podington Bear "In My Head" by Podington Bear "Miss You" by Podington Bear "In the Back Room" by Blue Dot Sessions "Peacoat" by Blue Dot Sessions "Borough" by Blue Dot Sessions

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