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Hydration, sodium and cramping with Andy Blow | EP#49: Presented by

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Andy Blow, founder of Precision Hydration is a former elite triathlete, who suffered a lot from cramping and sodium-depletion related performance drops. Especially in hot environments in his long course racing career. So he scratched his own itch and came up with a product range that solved his issues, which led to founding Precision Hydration, a company that makes a range of electrolyte products for athletes. IN THIS EPISODE YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT: -Why sodium is a critical component of your hydration strategy and what happens if it gets depleted. -The massive variance in sodium requirements between individuals, and why there's no one size fits all solution. -The free online sweat test you can take to determine your own individual sodium needs with good accuracy. -How to take that knowledge into practice and apply it in your hydration in training, racing, and leading up to races. LISTENER QUESTIONS: If you have questions that you want me to answer on the show or off the show (in an email), send me your question via email or Twitter (contact information below). NOTES: If you enjoy the show, please help me out by subscribing, rating and reviewing: SHOWNOTES: Send feedback, questions or just wanna chat? CONTACT me at or connect on Twitter - my handle is @SciTriat.

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