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Low carb high fat diets with Kirsten Swales | Ep. 77: Low carb high fat diets with Kirsten Swales | Ep. 77

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Have you heard people talking about the benefits of a high fat diet and wondered what it’s all about? This week Rebecca is joined by Kirsten Swales to talk about Low Carb, High Fat diets (LCHF). Kirsten is a naturopath, nutritionist and medical herbalist and she’s been on her own SIBO journey, so understands the importance of finding a diet that works for you. Kirsten and Rebecca discuss how LCHF diets can help to increase satiety and reduce inflammation, they also look at how best to build a robust microbiome on this type of diet.In today's episode we discuss:What LCHF stands forThe difference between a LCHF diet and the Ketogenic dietWhat type of fats are best to consume on this dietWhich fats to avoidSome pros and cons of an LCHF dietWho benefits from a high fat diet and whyWho should avoid a high fat dietWhat eating the LCHF way looks likeHow you can offset some of the potential negative effects of a high fat dietIncorporating healthy fats in a good wayHow you feel if you're not processing fats wellHow to find out the effects of your diet on your MicrobiomeGet the show notes here or subscribe as a member of The Healthy Gut podcast to get a free transcription of the show: For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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