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Habit Architecture: #018

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Why do we do what we do? And how can we leverage what we already do, to do more of what we want to do? Today we unpack the habits we keep and strategies for creating new ones! OPENING: - no stream next week - back on feb 14th - the day we remember how we could love the other 364 days ? - next HOL:FIT Essential 30 Cleanse running Feb 28 - March 25,2018. Info for how to join: HABITS: - Why we do what we do:  The Reminder / Trigger: the event that starts the habit The Routine: the behaviour that you perform, the habit itself The Reward: the benefit that is associated with the behaviour The 4 most powerful ways to cue a new habit: Time Location or Proximity Preceding Event Other People LINKS: - Essential 30 cleanse: happens 2x a year: - “The Power of Habit” : - How habits are formed: - If you wanna change the world - start by making your bed by William McRaven: - Ange’s week by design: - Chris’s book recommendation: h  - New England Journal of Medicine: - Online Meal Planner: - 002: The Top 5 Health Habits - Life blueprint: - The 12 Causes of Health: - Free coaching tools: BROADCAST INFO: - Subscribe on iTunes: - Join LIVE on Facebook: - Watch the video recordings: - Submit your question for the show: - Episodes + Show Notes on website: ESSENTIAL OILS: - Learn more: - Purchase at 25% off:

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