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How Not to Get Shot by the Police: A Cop's Point of View

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How Not to Get Shot by the Police: A Cop's Point of View

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How Not to Get Shot by the Police – Synopsis
Police shootings and their aftermath have captured the attention of this country for the past few years. This book is about that moment when an officer and a suspect come together in a brief but life threatening moment for both of them. Web sites links of actual shootings dramatically illustrate the points made by the author in the book. This in unique!
What brought them together from the psychological, sociological and cultural point of view? It is written with the hope that a deeper understanding of both the conditioning of the suspect and the officer’s need for safety will help us prevent many of these events in the future.
We will analyze the factors that affect the decisions of those on both sides of the gun. These situations also have a destructive aftermath that affects the entire community and nation.
The book examines factors such as training, education, the media, politics and the culture of crime, poverty and drugs that determine the tragic outcomes of shootings and the riots that follow these events.

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