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Easy & Yummy Cakes

Easy & Yummy Cakes

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Easy & Yummy Cakes

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Jun 23, 2019


Cake is the answer…No matter the question. Bake someone happy today!

No more struggling to bake perfect cakes-For Beginners.

This book contains A-Z of cake baking with all the tips and tricks to bake perfect cakes every time.It has clear step by step instructions on how to bake a cake, layer, ice and decorate it with the best and original tried and tested cake recipes like black forest cake,pineapple,red velvet,mango,orange and more followed by buttercream, whipped cream, cream cheese and fondant icing recipes.

Highlight of the book is my signature style fresh whipped cream tulip cupcakes which you will love to make!

Jun 23, 2019

Informazioni sull'autore

Mithila is a Software Engineer by profession and artist by nature who loves baking cakes for family and friends. Her passion for baking started in England few years ago which eventually turned into a home-based cake business.

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Easy & Yummy Cakes - Mithila


Tips and techniques to bake perfect cakes

Use a good cake recipe before starting to bake and read it thoroughly.

Preheat the oven. Always start with this step before starting the process of making a cake. It is a good habit of pre-heating before baking because pre-heating bakes your cakes evenly, mainly when you have leavening agents like baking powder or baking soda in your recipe, it needs a pre-heated oven to start with.

Use the correct cake pan size as mentioned in the recipe. Before starting the measuring and mixing process keep the cake pan ready, greased and floured.

Always have your measuring cups and spoons ready and be accurate with the weight and measurements. Measure the wet and dry ingredients separately. Weighing with a digital kitchen scale is the most accurate method.

Set the oven to the correct temperature as stated in the recipe. All ovens are different; some may heat up early and some late. Use an oven thermometer if possible to get an accurate temperature. Also, keep the oven door closed until the stipulated time as mentioned in the recipe. You can keep an eye from outside the oven and check if the cake is ready when there are about 5 minutes left from the total baking time.

Selection of ingredients is also an essential part in baking:

Do not use cold eggs from the refrigerator

›  Bring cold eggs to room temperature beforehand. If you have forgotten to do so and need to bake a cake immediately, you can put the whole eggs into a bowl of lukewarm water (not hot) for about 15-20 minutes. Check the eggs; you do not want to cook them.

Use unsalted butter at room temperature

›  To bring the butter to room temperature quickly, cut them into small pieces on a plate and leave it for about 15 minutes. Use unsalted butter for cake recipes, unless it is mentioned in the recipe.

Types of flour

›  You can use plain (All-purpose flour), self-raising or cake flour as per mentioned in the recipe. Cake flours are sometimes used in specific recipes like for sponge cakes as it makes the cake lighter and fluffier.

Types of sugar

›  Caster sugar is mostly used in cake baking. Brown sugars can also be used instead of white sugar. Brown sugar gives a little moist and softer cake as compared to the white sugar, but the taste may vary slightly.

Types of oil

›  Generally, you can use any type of cooking vegetable, flavorless oil if your recipe calls for one. Rapeseed oil is one of them.

You can substitute eggs with yogurt or buttermilk to make an eggless version of a cake. Instead of buttermilk, you can add 1 teaspoon white distilled vinegar to 1 cup of milk, stir and add to the cake mixture.

Use pure vanilla extract/essence to get better results.

Use good quality cocoa powder to make chocolate cakes. Instant coffee powder can be added to the chocolate cake recipe to enhance the flavor of the cake.

A pinch of salt will bring out all the flavors in the cake.

Add 1-2 teaspoons of plain flour to the creamed butter and sugar mixture before adding eggs to it in order to prevent curdling of the mixture.

During the creaming process try to get maximum air into the batter; same while beating eggs.

When mixing wet and dry ingredients, gently fold the batter with a spatula, do not overmix or overbeat; that will result in a dense and a hard cake. The gentle folding action avoids breaking the air bubbles in the mixture. It also reduces gluten formation which excessive beating can create resulting in a cake with heavy and dense bready

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