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My Path is Jesus

My Path is Jesus

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My Path is Jesus

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Jun 12, 2019


This book is filled with poems about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who I love to give all the glory and praise to each and every day. It is my hope that these poems will encourage readers to hold onto Jesus so He can help them through their struggles in life.

I hope and pray that when you read this book you will be lifted up in the Lord and will keep your eyes on Him throughout your life. My poetry is meant to help you see that I need Jesus just like you.

When you’re paying attention, everything in God’s creation sounds like poetry.

Jun 12, 2019

Informazioni sull'autore

I hope that the wisdom and knowledge that I have to share with you will bless you to hold onto Jesus Christ, who is the light of the world. You can discern my poems to be true or false, if you study the scriptures.The Lord has blessed me to publish this book and I will never claim to know all things. What I do know is what I believe and what I go through in my life. I can only hope that you can relate to me in my poetry about the Lord.My talent in writing is down-to-earth and simple enough for a child to understand. God’s Word has many down-to-earth scriptures that are easy to understand and live by.I hope that you will find in my book things that will help you to have a closer walk with the Lord. My poems are based on my experiences and I hope you can relate to them, which will help me to know that I am not alone in my search to find my Lord, Jesus Christ, who is all about saving souls.I love to exhort the Lord’s holy name in poetry because Jesus Christ is worthy to sit on the throne of my soul every day and every night.

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My Path is Jesus - Ricky Clemons


Copyright ©2019, Ricky Clemons


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each person you share it with. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then you should return to and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Published by

Fideli Publishing, Inc.

119 W. Morgan St.

Martinsville, IN 46151

Table of Contents

God Can Handle Being God

God is Not Surprised

No Time Off

What is Truth?


The Lord is About Giving Life

Life is Like a Mystery

Our Senses

No Matter

Shows Respect of Persons

Can’t Love Us

It’s So Easy to Get Absorbed Into

The Storms in Our Lives

Things Can Go Wrong

Salvation to Self

Life Can Be Like

The Lord Can Make Things Better for Us

We Can Misunderstand

You are Your Heart

It’s a Blessing to

There is No Time Limit on God’s Love for Us

On Top Of

Rise Up


There are a Lot of


In Our Minds

Nothing in This World

Jesus Uses Good Doctors and Good Nurses

Speaking the Truth

Is Like Heaven to a Lot of People

Everybody Can Believe

Need to Overcome

Being Around Nature

If You are Poor

Will Go Through Some Trials

How Much Longer Will it Be?

Some Educated People

The Joy of Life

We are Created in the Image of God

Some People

If We are Saved in Jesus

The Good Things that I Do

Like a Canoe Without Its Paddle

It’s Like a Bad Dream

Some People Will Only Love You

The Devil Loves to Tempt Us

Is it Really Worth It?

We Can Bring Hardship on Ourselves

The Lord Will Bring

Put It Upon Our Hearts

We Are Living In

News Gets Around

In This Life

Some People Won’t Like You

You Can Be Smart

Pass Over

Things Do Come Up

In This Present Day

What You Went Through

God is Forever Beyond

Have Bible Knowledge

Spreading the Gospel

What They Want to Hear

We Know That

A Quiet Night

A Double Life

The Deep Waters Of

No Matter What Good You Do

Everybody May Not

You and I

Can Give Up on People

The Most Effective Ministry

When It’s Usually Quiet

It’s Done and Over With

We Will Very Often Remember

Who Can?

Only Jesus Can Help You Overcome

Jesus Lived a Normal Life

The Spiritual Things

I Know that I Will Be Blessed

Jesus Can Fix Broken People

When We Go Through

Is Ordinary

There are People

The Real True Life


God Created Us to Love

Everybody Will Answer to God

Do We Ever Trespass on God’s Holy Ground?

Everybody Has a Sin Defect

My Soul Cries Out

Our Human Nature Knows

There are Many Brilliant People

The Truth Will Judge You

Who Are We?

You are Cleansing Me from my Sins

We Can Never Get Lost in Jesus

Can We Truly Accept?

Will Stand Still

Many People

Believe in Themselves

When We Go to Heaven

Another Day

Knows Its Place

The Weather of Life

Someone Asked Me

Love is the Greatest Gift

The Lord is Still Working with Me

The Combination to Life

There is No Time in Eternity

The Lord’s Yes and No

A Righteous Nation

God Loves Everybody


Many People Believe

Being a Good Person

There are No Shortcuts in Life

Human Beings Will Usually

In the Books of History

There is No Former Life

What Will Jesus Write in the Dust?

In the Courtroom of Time

God Can Handle Being God

Lucifer was the most beautiful and most gifted angel up in heaven.

He couldn’t handle that and was cast out of heaven with one third of the heavenly angels.

God can handle being God and that is why God is God.

Some people can’t handle a job promotion. It will go to their heads.

Some people can’t handle getting rich. It will go their heads.

Some people can’t handle living in a brand-new house. It will go to their heads.

Some people can’t handle driving a brand-new car. It will go to their heads.

God can handle being God.

No one can be more humble than God.

You and I can’t always handle what God gives to us.

Our talents can go to our heads.

Our gifts can go to our heads.

Our ministries can go to our heads.

Our skills can go to our heads.

What we know can go to our heads.

God can handle being god to be worshipped and to be praised.

God is Not Surprised

God is not surprised about what we can do.

God created all human beings in his likeness.

It’s up to us to use it.

We can be surprised to see a poor man getting rich.

One race of people can’t keep another race of people in slavery forever. God won’t allow it. The bible has proof of that.

God is in every race of people and wants them to prosper.

God is not surprised about who can be successful.

Every man, woman, boy and girl is the likeness of God.

God gives every race of people intelligence for greatness.

There are people who are surprised to see an uneducated person having good common sense.

God is not surprised.

God can make a simple man to be wise.

Every human being is created in the likeness of God, who can be surprised about nothing.

No Time Off

There is no time off from the Lord.

There is always something to do for the Lord.

There is no time off in living our life unto the Lord.

Living unto the Lord is twenty-four hours around the clock, every day.

Talking about the Lord has no time off for you and me.

We must always talk about the Lord when we get the opportunity to do so.

There is no time off from giving Jesus Christ, our Lord, all the glory and praise.

There is no time off for our minds to think on Jesus.

There is no time off for our hearts to love Jesus.

There is no

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