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Little Leonardo's MakerLab - Space

Little Leonardo's MakerLab - Space

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Little Leonardo's MakerLab - Space

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May 21, 2019


More than 20 fun and engaging hands-on activities for young readers excited about astronauts, outer space, rockets, space exploration, and astronomy.

A collection of simple hands-on activities for young readers. Activities range from building a simple model to illustrate the vast scope of our solar system to a demonstration of the speed of light. These activities are designed to engage both the readers’ hands and minds, which helps them better understand and retain the knowledge gained from the activities.

Part of the Little Leonardo series.

Lexile: IG680L

Bart King taught middle school for many years. He’s written 28 books, including The Big Book of Girl Stuff, The Big Book of Boy Stuff, The Big Book of Superheroes, The Big Book of Gross Stuff, and Bart’s King-Sized Book of Fun. Bart’s Gibbs Smith titles have sold more than 830k copies combined. He resides in Portland, Oregon.

Greg Paprocki works full-time as an illustrator and book designer. He has illustrated several Curious George books, as well as previous books in the Little Leonardo series, the BabyLit alphabet book series, and The Big Book of Superheroes for Gibbs Smith. His Gibbs Smith titles have sold over 130,000 copies. Greg resides in Lincoln, Nebraska.

May 21, 2019

Informazioni sull'autore

Bart King has written more than twenty-eight books, including The Big Book of Boy Stuff, The Big Book of Spy Stuff, and The Pocket Guide to Mischief. His books for Gibbs Smith have sold more than 830,000 copies combined. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

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Little Leonardo's MakerLab - Space - Bart King

Little Leonardo’s MakerLab: Space

Written by Bart King

Illustrated by Greg Paprocki



Seeing the Sun

Voyage from the Sun

Sun Spot

Orbiting Earth

Orbiting Moon

Lift Your Own Weight

Superpower: Night Vision

Spot the Satellite

Greenhouse in the Sky

The Speed of Light


Planet Cards

Mars with the Stars

Earth Rover

Moon Mania

Hoopin’ on Saturn

Bouncy Solar System

Comet Chasing

Orbit Distances

Zero Gravity

Rocket to Space

Rocket Launch

Space Capsule

A Constellation of You


Little Leonardo’s MakerLab: Space

Digital Edition 1.0

Text © 2019 Bart King

Illustrations © 2019 Greg Paprocki

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced by any means whatsoever without written permission from the publisher, except brief portions quoted for purpose of review.

Published by

Gibbs Smith

P.O. Box 667

Layton, Utah 84041

1.800.835.4993 orders

Library of Congress Control Number: 2018951288

ISBN: 978-1-4236-5288-5

To Gary Moen


The science that deals with faraway things in the sky is called astronomy. You can become an astronomer in one easy step.

Want to try it? Just go outside and look up.

Now you’re an astronomer. Good job!

Astronomy has to do with outer space. And one great thing about outer space is that there is always more of it to see. That’s because outer space is huge! It’s so huge, our minds have a hard time picturing the whole thing. But doing the activities in this book should help you imagine outer space better.

When using this book, remember:

Read through an activity before beginning.

Gather the supplies you’ll need.

If the activity doesn’t work perfectly the first time, try again.

Have fun.

Seeing the Sun


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