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Another Theory of the Universe

Another Theory of the Universe

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Another Theory of the Universe

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Apr 14, 2019


"Another Theory of the Universe" is a story of self discovery, filled with love and mystery. Gravitating around the concept of black holes, the story brings into our attention Ryan, a barista working at a coffee shop near the university campus, and Hamsika, a foreign physics student, who share a common interest: the love for astrophysics. However, when their paths first crossed, they didn't expect it all to result in a life-changing experience.

Apr 14, 2019

Informazioni sull'autore

Cristiana Voinea is a self-published author, "Another Theory of the Universe" being her first published book. She works as a concept artist for a video game company, developing her own stories and characters in her free time.

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Another Theory of the Universe - Cristiana Voinea

Another Theory of the Universe

Copyright 2019 Cristiana Voinea

Published by Cristiana Voinea at Smashwords

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This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your enjoyment only, then please return to or your favorite retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Table of Contents

Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

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Chapter V

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Chapter IX

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Chapter I

Accompanied by a loud creak, able to be heard from the sidewalk nearby, the window of an apartment from the first floor opened, an old lady popping her head out through it.

It's Tuesday! Don't forget about Thomas’s food! She shouted outside at what appeared to be nothing but thin air, until from around the corner a young man, with crazy wavy hair, passed by in hurry, riding a bicycle and waving his hand towards her.

I know, miss Olsen! Turkey flavored!

The lady smiled to herself, watching him go, as a big ball of fur joined her on the window sill, tail straight up, waving graciously over the woman's face.

Oh, get down, already! Would be third time you fall from the window this month and Junior isn't here to bring you up. She muttered as she shoved the cat back inside, getting in return a frustrated sound, when the window slammed back closed with a noisy thud.

The boy stopped abruptly at a red light, shrugging with a smile as the lady with a stroller ahead turned at him, annoyed by the sudden closeness of his bicycle tire. He tapped nervously onto the handlebar grips as he checked the watch at his wrist, and rushed ahead as soon as the light went green, gaining some muffled words at his address from behind, to which he shouted an apology.

After about ten more minutes of intense sprinting between people and traffic, he jumped off his bike and tied it to an improvised parking lot in a gang, then proceeded through the back door near the large trash bin.

Uh-oh! Sorry! Morning! He added as he almost hit one of his colleagues, who was taking out the trash, when he stepped inside.

Hey, watch it! The other shouted after him. He pressed his lips together, eyebrows furrowing at the knowledge of his clumsiness being noticed from the first hour in the morning. He grabbed the barista apron and stepped to the side, making way for the other, returning from outside.

Boss wants to see you. Think he's mad at you being late again.

Suppose so... He mumbled more to self.

You should really try to fix this.

The boy only gave in return an apologetic look accompanied by a small nod, knowing how hard he was battling his sleeping habits, while trying to balance both his morning barista job, with his evening one, janitor at the university’s observatory. He left the employees private space and went to knock at his superior's door. Tim, like the coffee shop itself was named after, was a man in his late fifties, who was rocking a big mustache and a belly just alike, often grumpy, but at core a good person.

Morning, sir. He said as he stepped inside sheepishly, closing the door after himself.

Morning was when I woke up, young man. He frowned with a groan, leaning back in his worn out leather chair. You're late again. What is it? Tenth time this month? I think I lost track of it. He tossed loudly some papers he was holding, onto the desk in front of him.

My apologies, sir...

"Yeah, yeah, I hear that each time. But when will you wake up from your daydreaming and actually start doing things properly? You come late, spill coffee, break mugs. You'll end up with no salary with all these loses! His rage started to fade as he got up, walking to the younger man, placing a heavy hand on his shoulder. This is your last warning, son. One more of these and you're out for good."

Yes, sir.

Now, move! It's morning, this means rush hour and your colleagues must be already going bananas! He opened the door and almost pushed him outside the office.

He let out a long breath he didn't realize he was holding, then straightened his back and rushed to the counter.

Look who decided to show up. Alice, his only female colleague bumped her hip playfully against his with a smile. What did the old grump say? She lowered her voice as she spoke, preparing a coffee in the meanwhile.

Last warn, bla bla… He grabbed the cart with dirty trays and dishes, passing by her, heading to the dishwashing machine.

Pfsh, how many of these did you get until now? She snorted loudly.

Lost count. He laughed and started to place the dirty mugs into the machine. But I really gotta try harder.

Yeah, for us if anything.

I promise. He shouted, his head still inside the dishwasher, trying to grab a fork stuck there for who knew how long already. The girl rolled her eyes amused at the statement and served the order.

The coffee shop was always full of teachers and students, mostly at the beginning of the day, with another peak around lunch, since it was near the campus of a prestigious university. All of these making up the main reason for which the boy decided to take the job here. It was never an easy task, given his two left hands, but he enjoyed the hell out of it. People always talking about the various subjects and peeking at those who came there for a short study session, tired of the library, was always a pleasure. He often engaged with the clients into discussions, which many times caused delays, but most of those who did this became faithful clients, so Tim closed his eyes to the rest thanks to it. Despite the fact that he had no pretentious studies, the boy was invested in most of the science talks, his passion truly contagious, even to those who were studying it on a daily basis.

As another consequence of his discussions with clients, he often got invited by the teachers who frequented the place to assist at their classes, but most of the times he was forced to refuse given his work schedule. Of course, it was an honor to receive such invitations, which he appreciated greatly each time they occurred. Some of those even started lending him books, suggesting him that he could himself step on the other side of the fence and get into studies. But even though it was tempting, he always preferred to be on the observant side. He enjoyed both of his jobs greatly, despite the fact that they weren't much and neither were they glorifying anything he was passioned about or good at.

After the second peak, during lunch hours, they were all usually collapsing on the couches next to the window if they weren't busy with clients, serving in turns whenever someone entered.

Man, I'm getting so tired of this. Can't wait to finally start studies next year too. All this job and side learning thing is killing me. Cole, the one he stumbled into earlier in the morning, started. Often the job was taken by another student in need of money, or by young people who sought for extra funds for their education. Nobody stayed there for too long.

Speak for yourself. Not all are this fortunate. Alice added on a tired tone. She was the oldest there. A bit over thirty years old, she was working there ever since the place opened, which was roughly eight years. She had a single mother with heavy health issues waiting for her at home, so studies were out of discussion, since most of the budget was going on her medication, but not even once had the boy recalled seeing her mad or at least annoyed with one of them. Despite their close age, she was pretty much like a mother figure to them. It must have been the rough turns in her life that shaped her that way. However, she was sometimes letting out such small glimpses of regret towards her less fortunate path.

Yeah, well.. Sorry. You know we love you, Alice. The other replied with a wink, getting up as a client stepped inside, heading to the counter to serve. The woman crossed her arms, shaking her head in an amused disbelief.

What about you, Junior? Her foot hit his gently beneath the table to get his attention.

What about?

Don't you want to leave this shithole? A job at Tim's is not a future to aspire at. Not with that big head of yours. She leaned over the table, poking her nail into his temple.

Don't really have any plans. He shrugged, rubbing the skin gentle where her nail pinched.

You may not, but don't think we haven't heard the teachers talk to you. Y'ain't foolin' anyone, boy. Her arms crossed again, her eyes analyzing him piercingly.

I'm just not interested. He laughed it off, trying to focus anywhere else than on her, though wherever he looked he still felt the eyes nearly burning him with their intensity.

Your loss, kid. She slapped her thighs as she got up, making her way to the employees area, most probably going out in the back for a smoke. The

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