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2016 Presidential Election 120

2016 Presidential Election 120

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2016 Presidential Election 120

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Mar 19, 2019


The Confederate States of America returns to the United States to protest a Blue Party or DRats Party victory in the United States Supreme Court. The Red Party or Government of the Racist (G. O. P.) Party candidate is demanding a victory after a close election in November of 2016. President Nero establishes the Confederate States of America and lives in the White Supremacist House while he orders the new laws to benefit conservatives and the rich one percent. All of the United States armed forces side with the Confederacy. New laws pass in the Confederacy to build a wall around the blue states to keep out the liberals after a civil war ends. The Confederacy becomes isolationist and abandons the United Nations (U. N.) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (N. A. T. O.). President Nero is calling for the creation of the Freedom Camps a euphemism for Muslim concentration camps to house all of the Muslims in America. The Union Underground Movement springs into action to fight against the insidious Confederacy in order to unite the country.

A group of characters now must deal with the consequences of the civil war in the United States. Each of them will struggle to survive and unite the country into one. Ingrid is a seventeen-year-old teen girl who lives with Nathan her annoying father who does not want her to join the armed forces. Naty is accused of a murder now only a mysterious man offering her a job with the Union Underground Movement can get her out of jail. Ben is a professional video gamer who is cheating in order to allow his college team to advance in the Selective Service Online Game tournament. Brigham constantly lies to hide his secret relationship with a girlfriend during his proselytizing mission. Ahmed is planning to do some community service to film a video for a future campaign commercial. Nathan thinks that some illegal immigrants killed his wife. Luis has trouble talking to women and asks for the advice of his friend. Renee is a prison guard who is in love with one of the female prisoners at work. Ensley is a female prisoner who is making an escape plan with her cellmate.


(Word Count 60,467)

Mar 19, 2019

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2016 Presidential Election 120 - I. D. Oro


Book 121 Chapter A

Ingrid is traveling with her father Nathan and her brother Bob to the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, Texas. The Ultimate Undisputed Mega Championships a national accuracy-shooting contest sponsored by the Union Underground Movement is taking place in San Antonio. Ingrid is trying to win the contest to claim the title of best shooter in the United States of America.

I notice that Bob arrives in his car. My dad is sitting in the front passenger’s seat while I get in the back seat. I already packed my bags and Bob place them in the trunk of his car before he left. My dad wants to get there before the sun goes down so that we can get a good nights sleep. Bob drives us to the nearest McDonalds while he orders from the drive thru window. I order my food while Bob drives away. I do not think that it is such a good idea for Bob to be eating and driving too. My father eats his food while he listens on his cell phone to the fat conservative man who broadcast his show on the internet using a podcast. I try to tune out the fat conservative man and his racist garbage that he spews to attack President Barack Obama. Nathan finishes eating while he holds the food for Bob who is driving. This is not the smartest thing to do but Nathan does not want us to lose a lot of time. I finish my food while I place the trash in the small paper bag that they gave us. I am quite nervous since this is the first time that I am participating in this important contest.

The contest is open to sixteen year olds and those over that age so before I was not part of it. I placed in the top five in the Texas Championship at the same National Shooting Complex on Saturday January 16, and Sunday January 17, 2016. For participating, I got $500 to cover traveling expenses. I also won $500 for finishing in fifth place. I am lucky that I was able to place in the top five considering that there were hundreds of participants in the tryouts to represent Texas in the Ultimate Undisputed Mega Championships. The Ultimate Undisputed Mega Championships of course involve shooting at silhouettes that have a target behind them made of gel to see where the shot’s penetrate. The different weapons consist of the Glock 19 a 9mm gun, the Glock 22 a .40 caliber gun, and a HK45CT a .45 caliber gun. There is the Mossberg 500 a 12-gauge shotgun. Then the Colt 9mm SMG submachine gun, the M16A4 rifle with the 5.56x45mm bullets, and finally the Barrett M107 sniper rifle with the .50 bullets. For each weapon, we fire five shots in the first round at the target as each shooter has a maximum of two and a half minutes to complete his five shots. The final round is of ten shots with a maximum of two and a half minutes to complete the ten shots. The scorecard consist of a round silhouette with numbers one to ten in small circles around the center that is marked with an ‘X’. The person with most center hits at ‘X’ wins in case of a tie on the scorecard. A missed shot gets a zero on your scorecard. The maximum total of points is 3,500 for the first round and 7,000 points in the final round. The winner of course gets a check for $15,000, a guaranteed contract with the Union Underground Movement, and a special edition HK45CT gun. Second place gets $7,500, with a special edition Glock 22 gun. Then third place gets $3,000, and the Glock 19 handgun. Really, cool prizes too. Even rarer is the fact that Bob and I placed in the top five for the whole state.

For qualifying to the Ultimate Undisputed Mega Championships, I got a check for $1,000 to cover traveling expenses. Of course, since Bob is driving and my dad is paying for the hotel I can save the money for college too. I try to breathe deeply while I do some meditation and breathing exercises. I think that the food from McDonalds just gave me some indigestion. This really cannot be good. Now I have trouble with burping. I search my purse for a Gas X pill to relive the trapped gasses that I have in my stomach. It will take around two hours and thirty-one minutes for us to get to the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, Texas. We are heading from our home in Laredo, Texas. Today is Thursday September 1, 2016 and the contest will take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I am nervous while I continue to breathe deeply the gas just does not want to exit from my stomach.

My brother Bob mentions, Ingrid please try to stay calm I know that you will do fine. You are a good shot and you have good accuracy with different guns, shotguns, and rifles. You did place in the top five during your first try and you are now representing Texas in the national competition too.

My dad Nathan interrupts, Don’t worry about it you will do just fine. Remember Ingrid that if you win I will not let you sign up with that Private Military Corporation.

Bob mentions, The Union Underground Movement.

I nod, Yes dad you already told me that you are not going to let me join them. I can still use the $15,000 check for something.

Nathan smiles, Good Ingrid. Be a good girl and remember that since you are not yet eighteen I am in charge! Nathan your father is in charge of your life until you are an adult. An adult can join a Private Military Corporation but not a child or a teen. I am in charge and I am prohibiting you from joining them if you win.

I interrupt him, Yes dad I remember. I do not know if I will even win. Bob has placed in the top twenty-five for the past five years and his highest finish is tenth. I don’t know that I will be able to beat that.

Bob concentrates on the road, Don’t worry Ingrid. You can take comfort in knowing that you are one of the top people in accuracy in the whole nation. I did not even make it to the national championships the first three years. It does not matter if we win or not. The important thing is that we compete. There are many people who understand that this is all for fun. I do not compete to win. I compete to have fun and participate in interesting things.

My father interrupts him, Yes Bob that is why you are a loser! Why have you not won? Look, you have been in the contest for the past seven years and your ranking keeps going down. I want you to at least place in the top ten this year. No, do not try to interrupt me Bob! You have to give yourself a good pep talk. None of this crap about doing it for fun or that everyone gets a participation trophy! Losers do not get participation trophies here son! You are here to represent Texas and our family legacy. I do not want any of the other loser states to win this thing. Texas is number one and we are the best in the nation. Texas has not won the contest since 2008 during the first edition. Bring the prize to Texas Bob! I believe in you Bob. You are my favorite son!

I laugh nervously, What if I win dad? Will you be proud of me? Am I your favorite daughter?

He nods to agree, By default you are my favorite daughter too. To answer your first question… hell, no Ingrid! I am not even rooting for you to win. You are not to win this contest. You are not going to sign up with that Union Underground Movement to work in the Middle East. Warfare is for men and teen boys. No girls or women allowed in the battlefield. I am not being sexist; it is just part of the armed forces thing. Gays may fight but no women in combat roles that is how it works in our government. I did not make up the rules but they were set up by our United States Congress to protect women. Women belong at home next to the stove!

I am silent since this is all unfair. I want to win this contest since I want to prove that I am also capable of winning something of importance to my dad. I have been practicing for a long time now. Well since my brothers took me with them to hunt when growing up. Nathan set up some Birchwood Casey Eze-Scorer BC-27 Paper Targets that come in packs of ten in our basement for us to practice our shooting when we cannot go to the gun range. I really do love testing out the different guns, shotguns, and rifles that the contest tests our abilities in. I have extensive practice with the Glock 19, the Glock 22, and HK45CT guns. I also know how to use the Mossberg 500 shotgun. I enjoy handling the Colt 9mm SMG submachine gun, the M16A4 rifle, and the Barrett M107 sniper rifle. My weakest part is the sniper rifle for some odd reason. Bob tells me that it is because I am not patient enough when I take aim. I have been working on improving my aim with the sniper rifle. My father owns all of the guns that are in the contest and he lets me use them to practice my aim. This is going to be a tough contest but I have to try my best. I know that only two women are in the contest out of the 250 participants at the Ultimate Undisputed Mega Championships. Therefore, it’s up to me or the other woman to represent our gender in the contest.

We are silent for a while as my dad turns up the volume to the fat conservative man on talk radio. I really don’t enjoy listening to his garbage as he begins to lay it on strong on the liberals and the Blue Party or DRats of President Barack Hussein Obama. I tune out the dumb conservative propaganda from my mind.

All of a sudden, Nathan mentions, Bob drive by the National Shooting Complex so that we can see how many people are there before we go to our hotel.

Bob nods while we drive to the National Shooting Complex. I have been coming here with my brothers Bob, Brad, Brent, Bruce, and Bill for their Texas Championship and the Ultimate Undisputed Mega Championships since 2008. This year is the first time that I am able to compete in the Texas Championship and the Ultimate Undisputed Mega Championships. Well it was rather weird since a bunch of perverts kept on whistling and doing catcalls during the Texas Championship. I got them to stop by threatening to shoot them with the loaded guns. That really did work out too since they stopped harassing me for being the only woman in the Texas Championship. We make it inside the place while we notice all of the cars parked and the recreational vehicles too. The sun is about to go down.

Nathan mentions angrily, Damn it had to be those Catholics from Saint Anthony Claret Catholic Church trying to steal our attention by ringing the church bell. I can’t believe that they are visible from this nice place.

I tell him, Well that is what happens when you are so close to the road.

Nathan complains, If it is not the Muslims trying to win with followers on that it’s those Catholics with their pope bringing in sinners to his church! Now the Catholics are all over the place in Texas. I cannot go more than a few miles without seeing another one of their Catholic Churches. Let’s go to the hotel Bob I don’t want to think that there are more Catholics than Baptist in the state of Texas.

I interrupt him, Dad don’t be so rude to other religions in life. Respect everyone and his or her religion in life. I am sure that they don’t hassle you because you are not Catholic either.

My dad mumbles many terrible words as I ignore his foul language. Bob and my dad are missing work to come to this contest. Both of them work for the United States Border Patrol. Bob is the nicer Border Patrol agent and my dad is the mean one of the two. Slowly we travel north to the Candlewood Suites San Antonio on Amelia Pass.

We finally do get to the hotel room while my dad complains that he is hungry. He takes the car keys and goes to look for some place to buy food. I shake my head while I refuse when he offers to get me some food to eat. Bob says the he is tired and will just go to sleep. I think that it is somewhat strange since Bob is usually awake until very late and goes to sleep past midnight for this afternoon shift. My dad is an early bird so I am suspecting that he is going to have indigestion if he eats this late. I dive on the bed while I test out the mattress. Bob walks to the restroom to take a shower. I place my dad’s sleeping bag on the floor and extend it out. This is actually the first time that I am not sleeping on the floor. This is quite nice since I do not enjoy sleeping on hard surfaces. My dad is letting me take the bed and he is sleeping on the floor. I toss a pillow on top of my dad’s sleeping bag and continue to jump on the bed. After a few minutes, I hear someone trying to get in while I stop and pretend to stretch out.

My dad mumbles, Bunch of crap that I can’t get any decent food around here. All of it sucks! Well at least I am not hungry now I want to take a bath. Go to the restroom Ingrid before I take my bath!

Bob gets out of the shower while I run to use the restroom. My father takes long baths while it sucks if you have to use the restroom. Bob also goes to the restroom while I come out of it. After about an hour it’s my turn while I go inside to shower. After I shower, I fall down asleep. I get up really excited but at the same time nervous since I have never been to the Ultimate Undisputed Mega Championships as a contestant. I have traveled here with my brothers and my dad since the first edition in 2008 but I have never been the contestant. I feel excited by all of this. My father gets up from the floor.

He tells me, Remember Ingrid that you need to focus on the target. Get your eyesight set. Breathe deeply. Then release the bullet. Let Jesus Christ guide your path. Now our choices for food are McDonalds, Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steak burgers, In-N-Out Burger, Dominoes Pizza, Arby’s, Stake ‘n Shake, Subway, or Cicis Pizza.

I mention, I read online that there is this great delicious Mexican restaurant nearby that has the best Mexican food in all of San Antonio and maybe Texas too!

Nathan shakes his head, No! It is probably full of Mexicans. You know what the fat conservative man on talk radio says about it. Mexican restaurants are full of illegal Mexican workers that do not pay taxes. Don’t support the tax cheats if you want to keep jobs in America! Therefore, we are not going to any Mexican restaurant on my watch. You know that I am a proud member of the United States Border Patrol and I will not sponsor any worksite that hires illegals!

I tell him defensively, How do you even know? They could all have their green cards and be here legally. You are just being stereotypical and listening too much to that fat conservative man on the talk radio. He is a racist and is brainwashing you with his hateful garbage just like that presidential candidate Nero from the Red Party or G. O. P. (Government of the Racist).

He screams at me, "Shut up Ingrid! Do not bad mouth the great wise fat conservative man from talk radio or that wonderful businessperson of Nero who owns the classy hotel chain Dump in Toilets with Dirty Suites. His reality television show The Jobber is the number one rated show on television too. A United States Border Patrol agent is not going to eat at an establishment of dubious legal hiring practices. You know that videos exist and someone could post one of me eating in one of the Mexican restaurants. What are people at work going to think of me?"

Bob interrupts us, I eat at Mexican restaurants the entire time dad. Do not be so annoying. Let us go to eat at the restaurant that Ingrid wants to eat today. I don’t think that all of the workers from there are illegals.

Bob goes to the restroom. The next few minutes feature a series of arguments between my dad and me over going to eat at a Mexican restaurant. Finally, Bob comes in to say that we are going to eat at McDonalds since he wants to pick the restaurant and it is the only one open this early. I walk to the restroom to change clothing while my dad quickly turns on the television to watch the Faux Channel and the conservative pundits that scream to attack the DRats Party of President Barack Obama. I breathe deeply and try to do some breathing exercises.

I just hope that my father does not

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