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Baking without Sugar

Baking without Sugar

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Baking without Sugar

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May 30, 2018


From an award-winning UK chef, author and Iron Chef guest judge, comes a sugar-free baking guide to satisfy any sweet tooth—includes photos.
For food lovers looking to avoid sugar—whether for preference, health needs, or because of an intolerance—giving up desserts and beloved baked treats may seem like a sad necessity. And for people living with diabetes, even natural sugars like honey, dates, and agave are items to avoid. But in Baking Without Sugar, acclaimed chef Sophie Mitchell shows you how to make decadent desserts that are totally sugar-free. From cookies, cakes, and bars to pudding and pies, Sophie shares mouthwatering recipes that prove you can go without sugar and still indulge your sweet tooth.
Featuring more than 40 recipes, Baking Without Sugar is the perfect addition to any health-conscious baker’s library.
May 30, 2018

Informazioni sull'autore

Sophie has also carved out a successful career away from the kitchen as a TV presenter and food writer. She was part of Channel 4's smash hit show Cook Yourself Thin, and co-wrote the book of the same name that went on to sell hundreds of thousands of copies. Other TV highlights include work on Sky Taste, Market Kitchen, Comic Relief, Iron Chef USA and Masterchef. She has worked as an ambassador and consultant to heavyweight global brands including Ocado, Herbal Essences, HaagenDazs, DANONE, Tefal and Lindemann, and has been on the judging panel for the renowned Smith Hotel Awards and the Young National Chef of the Year Awards. She will be appearing at Taste of London this year, and also gives regular talks - recently for Corbin and King and the Boutique Hotelier Show. Sophie is well-regarded by the press and has appeared in and contributed to countless titles from Grazia, YOU, Stella and Healthy Magazine to The Telegraph, The Times, Guardian Weekend and Observer Food Monthly.

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Baking without Sugar - Sophie Michell


I always seem to write books that are relevant to my life at that time. They are often created for a particular need and if that need is not being met by what’s already on the market, I like to try and create it myself.

The book and TV series Cook Yourself Thin resonated so much with me at the time as I was in my 20s, loved my food, but also wanted to look good. Chef on a Diet was actually written when I was trying to slim down for my wedding, but still cooking all the time for a living; it was a diet plan for food lovers. When I am writing I tend to live, sleep, breathe and, of course, eat the book during its development. This ensures that every book is totally authentic and each recipe has been tested at least five times before publication.

I get frustrated by the lack of knowledge and honesty out there when it’s linked to our health and well-being. When I was writing Baking Without Sugar I really was being led by my own health challenges. It was a way for me to eat sweet treats without further damaging my health, but I am getting ahead of myself, so let me explain.

About two years ago, I was diagnosed with insulin resistance and told I was pre-diabetic. Unbeknown to me this can be particularly hard on women as it affects your hormones. Half of me was relieved as it explained my little pot belly, constant fatigue, sugar cravings and inability to lose weight, but the other half of me was horrified. Did this mean I was going to get diabetes? Have you read some of the horror stories about diabetes?! Please do. Everyone should fully understand this disease which affects millions of people in the UK and the US alone, and is a massive drain on health care resources. Anyway, my doctor blithely told me to give up all carbohydrates and sugar. She also prescribed patches and gels to control my hormones, as well as the drug Metformin, which regulates your blood sugar levels.

I am someone who has eaten a high protein diet for years, but suddenly I found this stricter, more enforced regime much, much harder to deal with. I was also feeling pretty angry. Why did I have to stop eating what I wanted? I am a chef, after all! The irony was not lost on me and at first I felt like rebelling, regardless of my health. Then I calmed down and started to search for diabetes-friendly recipes and products. I was shocked to see how little choice there is and the total misinformation being fed to people. You see, the thing is, when you are trying to monitor blood sugar levels it is not just about cutting out sugar, it’s about white (refined) flours, fruit, honey, agave syrup and even gluten-free flour, as they can all cause your blood sugar to spike. You can find lots of recipes with sweeteners, but then they are packed with white flour or vice versa.

Also, all the ‘healthy’ sweet recipes using natural sugars like honey, dates, and agave actually elevate your blood sugar levels. In fact , they are a bit of a disaster when you have diabetes and people so often don’t realise that they are eating the wrong things, meaning they continue to feel ill, even when making these ‘healthy’ desserts and cakes. This is sometimes why the ‘clean’ eating movement can also be confusing; the truth is, I’m afraid, that sugar is sugar, whether it is natural or not.

So this is how I came to write a new book with classic baked goods, using ingredients that are generally gluten-free, low in sugar, with a lower GI and mostly, higher in protein. These goodies should still be enjoyed as part of a normal, healthy, balanced diet (sorry, this book is not a green light to live on sweet meals entirely; the recipes still contain calories and are still treats, but they won’t

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