Mastering Mindset

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Mastering Mindset

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To Change Your World, Change Your Mind.

This book addresses, as never before, the Anatomy of Mindset. It answers the fundamental question of how we arrive at our conclusions about our world and existence. We find out why we wind up with the particular reality we experience as true. We also get to understand the difference between a functional and dysfunctional mindset.

Author, Joe van Staden, has been working with, and researching, mindset and consciousness for more than 40 years. His studies of the human perspective of ‘reality’ has taken him to all corners of the globe. Understanding that truth and reality are creations of mindset, his work shows how the most empowering skill anyone can acquire is being enabled to change their mind at will. By changing your mind, you change your truth and you change your world.

In this book, mindset is shown as the bridge between consciousness and the world we experience as real. The truth which defines our world and by which we live, regardless of how it may seem, is determined by the ‘angle’ of our perspective and not by the ‘actual facts of existence’.

Part 1 examines the Anatomy of Mindset as the determining factor in how we look at our world and consequently how we experience it. This will leave you in little doubt that achieving mastery over mindset—mastery over perceptions—must qualify as the ultimate skill.

Part 2 explores the Nature of Consciousness based on the supposition that consciousness is creation. By owning your consciousness, you own your creation and thus own your reality.

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